Sony TC-K777ES

October   1 9 8 2 october 1982
1 9 8 5 1985

Second version of the original TC-K777 masterpiece, adding Laser Amorphous heads (L.A.), minor mechanical changes, a complete redesign of the boards, added super parts (Duorex, Muse, For Audio etc), Dolby C and... black looks.

The FeCr position is still there - not for long :)

The K777ES is easy to find and an audible upgrade to the original ; the last iteration was and still is one of the best cassette recorders ever built, bar none : TC-K777ESII.

Sony TC-K777ES, image 1 Sony TC-K777ES, image 2 Sony TC-K777ES, image 3
Sony TC-K777ES specifications
Title Value
Heads : 2x Laser Amorphous
1x Ferrite
Motors : 1x BSL for capstan
1x High Torque for spooling
NR system : Dolby B & C
Wow & flutter : ± 0,06% (DIN 45507)
Response (re: -20dB) : 15Hz...19Khz (Type IV, ±3dB)
15Hz...18Khz (Type II, ±3dB)
15Hz...17Khz (Type I, ±3dB)
S/N ratio (DOLBY OFF) : 61dB (Type IV)
S/N ratio (DOLBY B) : 68dB (Type IV)
S/N ratio (DOLBY C) : 74dB (Type IV)
THD : 0,7% (Type IV, 1Khz)
Crosstalk : ??
Separation : ??
BIAS : 105Khz
Inputs : 2x LINE (50kOhm / 77,5mV)
Outputs : 2x VARI (??)
Headphones : 3mW max. (8 Ohm)
PC : 50W
Dimensions : 43 x 10,5 x 39cm
Weight : 10kg
Remote commander : RM50 or RM65 or RM80 (all wired)
Anti resonant transport design
Heavy gauge Aluminium plates
Two outboard transformers
Encapsulated Ribbon-Core PT
FET-buffered PSU
Dual-Mono structure
DD system + Linear Torque BSL
Quartz Lock
Closed-Loop Dual Capstan
LC-OFC-wired Laser Amorphous heads
Adjustable Bias
REC calibration
New Sony Dolby IC
Digital Linear Counter
30 segment FL display
Feather-touch controls
Memory Counter
Auto Play / Auto Space (Rec Mute)
Timer switch
RM-50 wired Remote
RM-80 semi-wired Remote
Turntable SYNC with RM-65 remote
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