Sony TC-K777

October   1 9 8 0 october 1980
1 9 8 3 1983

Solid, excellent sounding and arguably one of Sony's best and one of the best cassette recorders full stop.
Stereo Sound ranked it in 1983 as Best Buy above the three monster Naks (DRAGON , ZX-9 , 1000ZXL) - not bad for a brand "only making nice Walkmans" !

The K777 was so good from the start that differences between it and its two subsequent versions remained minimal (if audible).
All three bear the following :

Encapsulated ribbon-core and FET-buffered outboard trafo, heavy gauge steel frame and aluminium plates, dual-mono boards, anti-resonant layout, all-DC FET SEPP i/os, BSL DD motor with Quartz-locked Closed Loop / Dual Capstan, two discrete S&F heads, three individual calibration trim pots (bias & rec level L/R) and 5-step calibrated line out selector.

Plus a large multi-function display which displays different markers according to action (rec/play, bias calibration or rec calibration), a switchable MPX filter (back-plate... nobody's perfect) and a wired or semi-IR remote plug for the RM-50, RM-65 or RM-80.

There is no Dolby C, though : that would be for the TC-K777ES update.

Sony made its reputation in the broadcast world with tape recorders and the K777 was a fine example of this fact.

One large partial view of the underside here.

Sony TC-K777, image 1 Sony TC-K777, image 2 Sony TC-K777, image 3
Sony TC-K777 specifications
Title Value
Heads : 2x S&F
1x Ferrite
Motors : 1x BSL for capstan
1x High Torque for spooling
NR system : Dolby B
Wow & flutter : ± 0,12% (DIN 45507)
0,04% (WRMS)
Response (re: -20dB) : 20Hz...20Khz (Type IV, ±3dB)
20Hz...13Khz (Type IV, ±3dB, re: 0dB)
20Hz...20Khz (Type III, ±3dB)
20Hz...18Khz (Type II, ±3dB)
20Hz...18Khz (Type I, ±3dB)
S/N ratio (DOLBY OFF) : 60dB (Type IV / III, 3% THD)
58dB (Type II, 3% THD)
THD : 0,8% (Type IV / III, re: 0dB, 1Khz)
Crosstalk : 60dB (1Khz, track)
Separation : 35dB (1Khz, channel)
BIAS : 105Khz
Inputs : x LINE (-20dB / 77,5mV)
Outputs : 2x VARI (-5...-29dB / 435...27,5mV)
Headphones : -20...-44dB / 77,5...4,9mV (8 Ohm)
PC : 41W
Dimensions : 43 x 10,5 x 39cm
Weight : 9,5kg
Remote commander : RM50 or RM65 or RM80 (all wired)
Anti resonant transport design
Heavy gauge Aluminium plates
Outboard Power supply
Encapsulated Ribbon-Core PT
FET-buffered PSU
Dual-Mono structure
DD system + Linear Torque BSL
Quartz Lock
Closed-Loop Dual Capstan
S&F Heads
Adjustable Bias
REC calibration
Exclusive Sony Dolby IC
Digital Linear Counter
30 segment FL display
Feather-touch controls
Memory Counter
Auto Play / Auto Space (Rec Mute)
Timer switch
RM-50 wired Remote
RM-80 semi-wired Remote
Turntable SYNC with RM-65 remote
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