Sony TC-765

Sony TC-R6

1 9 7 6 november 1976
1 9 8 2 1982

Sony's last super-deck, or super-consumer deck...

As all high-end Sony RtR, the TC-765 was available as a 2-track as well (TC-766-2), the latter version topping at 38cm/s, the former at 19cm/s.

Originally released in Japan as TC-R6, selling very well there just as elsewhere on the planet.

Sales-wise not up to the TC-755 series but there are many many 765, 766-2, R-6 and R7-2 still playing and recording worldwide.

Truly excellent decks topping with magnificent looks, too.

Since posting this page in 2005, I have finally found and bought the original, lavish and 32x32cm japanese catalog for the TC-R6 and TC-R7-2 - it took... six years !

Sony TC-765, image 1 Sony TC-765, image 2 Sony TC-765, image 3
Sony TC-765 specifications
Title Value
Format : quarter-track (2 stereo pairs)
Heads : 3x (F&F)
Motors : 2 + 1 (dual-capstan)
Speeds : 9,5cm/s and 19cm/s
Max reel size : 26,5cm
Rewind time : 150s. (740m. tape)
Wow & flutter : ± 0,07% (19cm/s, DIN)
± 0,15% (9,5cm/s, DIN)
Frequency response : 20Hz...18Khz (±3dB, 9,5cm/s)
30Hz...25Khz (±3dB, 19cm/s)
S/N ratio : 61dB (FeCr tape, DIN)
Distortion : 0,7% (0dB, 19cm/s)
Bias : 160Khz
Inputs : 2x MIC (0,2mV)
2x LINE (60mV / 100kOhm)
Outputs : 1x DIN (<10kOhm)
2x LINE (0,775V / 100kOhm)
1x DIN (<10kOhm)
1x Headphones
Semiconductors : 2 ICs,
3 FETs
98 transistors,
89 diodes
PC : 90W
Dimensions : 44,5 x 52,5 x 23,5cm
Weight : 26,5kg.
List price : 198,000¥ (TC-R6, 1976)
3-motor / 3-head
Closed-loop dual-capstan drive
AC servo-controlled motor
F&F heads
Feather-touch buttons
3-step bias&EQ
Playback head directly coupled to FET amp
Line/MIC mixing
Timer-activated recording facility
RM-30 wired remote with REC MUTE function
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