Sony TC-510-2

Sony TC-5550-2

Sony APR-2003

1 9 7 4 november 1974
1 9 8 6 1986

One of Sony's little remembered but excellent open-reel, sold in Japan under the TC-5550-2 moniker, for the princely sum of 178,000¥.
It also is one of the cutest chunk of audio kit ever designed.

Good enough, too, to see a (clearly) professional version under the APR-2003 badge, adding black looks, better speed stability through Quartz Lock, XLR plugs, a center track for sync'ing and related XLR i/o, a low-cut (high pass) switch replacing the line/mic selector, and no pitch control function.

By the time the APR-2003 replaced the TC-510-2, the famed TC-D5 portable pro cassette recorder was about to replace just about everything everywhere, before its subsequent TC-D5PRO and TC-D5PROII versions would be somewhat undercut by the WM-6DC pro recording... Walkman.

However, the TC-5550-2 remained available in Japan until 1986, two years after the venerable TC-777 !
This means that, beyond its pretty-pretty face (diecast aluminium, mind you), it must have had something special, sound-wise and reliability-wise.

Nudies aplenty here

Sony TC-510-2, image 1 Sony TC-510-2, image 2 Sony TC-510-2, image 3
Sony TC-510-2 specifications
Title Value
Features : DC servo Direct Drive
F&F recording and playback heads
Servo speed regulation
FET input preamps
3-position tape selctor
MIC/Line input selector
2-position Line attenuator (0dB / -20dB)
Built-in switchable input limiter
Back-lit VU meters
Built-in control loudspeaker
Three-digit tape counter
Tape speeds : 19 cm/s & 9,5 cm/s
Reel size : 13cm
Recording time : 45 minutes max. (9,5cm/s, 275m tape)
Tracks : 2tracks / 2channel
Heads : 1x record (F&F)
1x play (F&F)
1x erase (F)
Drive system : DC servo motor
19cm/s Frequency response : 30Hz...27Khz (FeCr tape)
30Hz...25Khz (SLH tape)
9,5cm/s Frequency response : 30Hz...18Khz (FeCr tape)
30Hz...16Khz (SLH tape)
S/N ratio : 64dB (FeCr, 19cm/s)
Bias : 160Khz
Wow & flutter : ±0,08% (19cm/s)
±0,12% (9,5cm/s)
Rewind time : 2mn (275m. tape)
THD : ±0,8% (0dB rec. level)
Inputs : 2x MIC (0,2mV / low impedance)
2x LINE (0,06V / 100kOhm)
Line outputs : 0,435V / 100kOhm
Phones output : 8 Ohm
Built-in speaker : 4,4 x 9,4cm / 500mW
Componentry : 4 ICs
4 FETs
56 transistors
17 diodes
2 LEDs
PC : 25W max.
Dimensions : 33,3 x 13,6 x 29,6cm
Weight : 6,8kg (batteries included)
Batteries : 8x format D
Optional accessories : AC-26 AC/DC adaptor
BP-55 rechargeable power pack
DCC-129 car adaptor
List price : 178,000¥ (1974)
248,000¥ (1986)
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