Sony TC-377

Sony TC-6360A

1 9 7 1 november 1971
1 9 7 7 1977

Sony's Volks-recorder : simple, cheap and efficient.

F&F (Ferrite & Ferrite) heads, Symphase / Uniphase correction circuit, three speeds, three heads and a reversible enclosure to record horizontally, vertically and almost on the side, too.

Good enough to lay your basic voice tracks down, record the sound of your garden on a sunday afternoon or keep that rare 1975 Hot Tuna concert, live on WQIV-FM, just as the Appolo and Soyuz space shuttles were meeting somewhere in the universe.

Hot Tuna (Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady, formerly of Jefferson Airplane) have their own website and you should definitely try to get that live Hot Tuna radio gig : "Splashdown", july 25th, 1975, Relix records #RRLP2004.

I do not know if the broadcast was issued as an SQ encoding with Jack and Jorma on the front speakers and Appolo and Soyuz on the back :-)

Alongwith the Akai GX-4000 series and direct Sony siblings like the TC-378 and TC-399, the TC-377 is part of the all-time reel-to-reel bestsellers. It did also win a japanese Good Design award.

The original model is the TC-366 : TC-6360 in Japan, november 1969, costing 51,800¥.
The TC-377 being the november 1971 updated version, sold in Japan as TC-6360A for 56.800¥ and the addition of Ferrite & Ferrite heads.

In between those two versions was an extra-extra-rare QUAD version named TC-6364 added in july 1970 (99.800¥) for tentatively cool surround thrills.

The TC-366 / TC-6360 will be posted separately.

Sony TC-377, image 1 Sony TC-377, image 2 Sony TC-377, image 3
Sony TC-377 specifications
Title Value
Tape speed : 19 cm/s
9,5 cm/s
4,8 cm/s
Reel size : 18cm or smaller
19cm/s NAB Frequency response : 20Hz...30Khz (SLH tape)
20Hz...25Khz (SLH tape, ± 3dB)
30Hz...20Khz (normal tape, ± 3dB)
19cm/s DIN Frequency response : 30Hz...24Khz (SLH tape)
30Hz...20Khz (normal tape)
9,5cm/s NAB Frequency response : 30Hz...20Khz (SLH tape)
30Hz...17Khz (normal tape)
9,5cm/s DIN Frequency response : 40Hz...16Khz (SLH tape)
40Hz...13Khz (normal tape)
4,8cm/s NAB Frequency response : 30Hz...9Khz (normal tape)
S/N ratio : > 52dB (normal tape)
> 55dB (SLH tape)
NAB Wow & flutter : < 0,09% (19 cm/s)
< 0,12% (9,5 cm/s)
< 0,17% (4,8 cm/s)
DIN Wow & flutter : ± 0,09% (19 cm/s)
± 0,12% (9,5 cm/s)
THD : < 1,2% (normal tape)
Max recording time : 6 hrs (4-track stereo, 4,8 cm/s, 330m/1800ft tape)
12 hrs (4-track mono, 4,8 cm/s, 330m/1800ft tape)
FF/REW time : < 2 minutes (330m/1800ft tape)
Inputs : MIC (-72dBs / 0,2mV ; low impedance)
LINE (-22dBs / 0,06V ; 100kOhm)
DIN (-33dBs / 17,3mV ; 3,8kOhm)
Outputs : LINE (0dBs / 0,775V ; 10kOhm or higher)
DIN (0dBs / 0,775V ; 3,3kOhm or higher)
Headphones (8 Ohm)
Dimensions : 41,8 x 21 x 39,2cm
Weight : 11kg (US)
11,5kg (Europe)
Supplied accessories : 1x R-7ES empty reel
2x RK-74 connecting cord
1x Head cleaning tips
1x motor pulley
1x AC cord (for Europe, built-in for other areas)
Optional accessories
F-96MTLQ, F-98MTLQ microphones
ECM-18N, ECM-19B, ECM-21, ECM-2019, ECM-2021 electret microphones
DP-16 dust protector
TP-5S telephone pickup
DR-4A, DR-5A, stereo headphones
MX-12, MX-600 microphone mixer
Automatic total mechanism shut-off
Servo-controlled tape back-tension regulator
Tape selector
MIC/Line mixing facility
Retractable pinch-roller
Illuminated level meters
MIC attenuator switch
Line output level control
4 digit tape counter + zero reset
Regulated power-supply
Built-in reel locks
Reversible console or rack-mount facility
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