Sony TC-204SD

1 9 7 4 june 1974
1 9 7 5 1975

One of the many mid 70's Sony cassette recorders which, like most others, had a short availability depending on the version or market.

The 204SD seems like a mix of the TC-4350SD (1974) and TC-2350SD (1975), the result of which was probably remixed to make the later TC-K4 or TC-K3 (1976).

The main novelty, in 1974, was the "visible front loading" and the abandon of the flatbed / console look.

The features are classic if somewhat plethoric for such a low/mid-end item : separate bias & eq switches, built-in limiter, Dolby and/or 19Khz MPX filters, F&F heads (two), lockable pause key for cueing, stereo mic/line mixing, separate line out and front binaural jack input on top of the regular L/R MIC jacks.

Plus three LEDs for peak level, record indication and Dolby function - the TC-177SD had five LEDs... but cost three times as much !

And "handsome matching components available".

Sony TC-204SD, image 1
Sony TC-204SD specifications
Title Value
Tape speed : 4,8cm/s
FF & Rew time : 90s for a C60 tape
Wow & flutter : < 0,09%
± 0,2% (DIN)
THD : < 1,7%
Frequency response : 20Hz...16Khz (FeCr & CrO2)
40Hz...15Khz (FeCr & CrO2 ± 3dB)
40Hz...15Khz (FeCr & CrO2 DIN)
20Hz...14Khz (Normal)
40Hz...12Khz (Normal DIN)
S/N ratio : 59dB (FeCr, Dolby OFF)
50dB (FeCr, Dolby OFF, DIN)
55dB (CrO2)
53dB (Normal)
Inputs : 0,06V (-22dB) / 100kOhm (RCA, back)
0,06V (-22dB) / 100kOhm (binaural jack, front)
0,06V (-22dB) / 10kOhm (DIN)
0,2mV (-72dB) (MIC)
Outputs : 0,775V (0dB) / 10kOhm (rca)
0,775V (0dB) / 50kOhm (DIN)
8 Ohm (headphones)
PC : 8W
Dimensions : 43 x 16 x 32,5cm
Weight : 8kg
released in june 1975 in the USA.
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