Sony TC-177SD

Sony TC-6150SD

1 9 7 3 december 1973
1 9 7 7

Sony's first three-head cassette recorder, unveiled at about the same time as the other first one - the better remembered Nakamichi 1000.

The TC-177SD was sold in Japan under the TC-6150SD moniker, cost 158,000¥, and remained the brand's top deck even after vertical ones were introduced and was just as expensive as the professional TC-164SD portable.

Azimuth control works with an adjustment wheel between the tape compartment and transport keys and a LED confirmation placed between the meters.
Center, the drive is a closed-loop dual capstan feeding three F&F heads.

What is difficult to grasp with this image or any other for that matter is the size and weight of this recorder - and it pumps 52W off the wall, too !

Nudies of a TC-177SD can be seen here.

Sony TC-177SD, image 1 Sony TC-177SD, image 2 Sony TC-177SD, image 3
Sony TC-177SD specifications
Title Value
Wow & flutter : ± 0,2%
Frequency response: 30...15Khz (LN, DIN)
30...18Khz (FeCr, DIN)
S/N ratio: 53dB (LN tape, Dolby OFF)
55dB (FeCr tape, Dolby OFF)
Dolby benefits : +5dB@1Khz and +10dB above 5Khz
THD : 1,3%
Bias : 105Khz
Inputs : MIC: -72dB (0,2mV)
Line: -22dB (62mV) / 100kOhm
DIN: <10kOhm
Outputs: 0,775V / 100kOhm
0,775V / 100kOhm
8 Ohm
Semiconductors : 2 FETs
11 ICs
55 transistors
46 diodes
1 Hall IC
Dimensions : 43,5 x 15,5 x 32,5cm
Weight : 10kg
PC : 52W
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