Sony TA-NR1

1 9 8 9 september 1989
2 0 0 1 september 2001

The big one and there's not much else to say : whoever has heard music through a pair of these Class A monoblocks knows what I'm talking about - the NR1 is basically a much improved TA-N7B.

Granted, finding and listening to Sony's ultra gear is difficult... for that brand is known to have not marketed most of its ultra units : whether its ESPRIT series, its monster LaserDisc players, its R1 and R10 series or the "1" follow-ups. A distribution often restricted to Japan's domestic market, no reviews, no worldwide drooling and, hence, Sony after all only makes great portable gadgets :-( However, the TA-NR1 is fairly easy to find because it sold rather well - Sony makes excellent High-End units.

The NR1 was withdrawn from the catalogs fairly quickly everywhere but remained available in Japan until circa 2000/2001, on special order, just like the fully MOS-FET and bigger TA-NR10.

At least 600 NR1 were made (that's 300 pairs ; the highest s/n spotted was 200 608), with a strange switch between production runs at the very end of it : throughout the run T-tagged by Sony's Ikari KK subsidiary, the last 50 (japanese) NR1s were tagged by Sony's Sony DP (and the export models as well)...

A real pair here, late in the production run.

Sony TA-NR1, image 1 Sony TA-NR1, image 2 Sony TA-NR1, image 3 Sony TA-NR1, image 4
Sony TA-NR1 specifications
Title Value
20Hz...20Khz power : 550W (1 Ohm, DIN, 0,05%THD)
400W (2 Ohm, DIN, 0,05%THD)
200W (4 Ohm, DIN, 0,05%THD)
100W (8 Ohm, DIN, 0,05%THD ; more like 130W, really)
THD : 0,04% (4 Ohm, 10W)
0,03% (8 Ohm, 10W)
Damping factor : 50 (8 Ohm/1Khz)
S/N ratio : 120dB
Gain : 28,4dB
Frequency response : 5Hz...50Khz (50W)
5Hz...100Khz (+0/-0,5dB)
Residual noise : 30...22µV (flat...A-wtd)
Inputs : 1,1V / 47kOhm (single-ended)
1,1V / 600 Ohm (balanced)
PC : 300W [460W??]
Dimensions : 47 x 19 x 46,5cm
Weight : 47,5kg.
Features : Sanken 2SA1216 + 2SC2922 (200W, 180V, 17A, fT=40MHz)
STD circuit
750VA transformer
64.200µF caps
nylon/epoxy embedded caps and PT
speaker cable up to 100mm2
Bridgeable with another TA-NR1 : one for positive phase, one for negative phase.
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