Sony TA-N88B

Sony TA-N88

1 9 7 7 november 1977
1 9 8 4 1984

Class D !
Huge power in small boxes, at last !

Long awaited and shown here and there throughout 1976, this amp had it all : PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), PLPS (Pulse Locked Power Supply, 20Khz chopping rate) and 4 pairs of complementary V-FET transistors !

Perhaps a little bold for many of the N88s still around are... dead. The slim-line box probably was too slim to hold all of these slick circuits, even if in fact a single diecast aluminium shell.
The underlying technology inside the N88, however, showed the path we now use daily, digital Class D, as recently revived by Yamaha and Sharp !

TA-N88 = silver in Japan, withdawn rather quickly after 1980.
TA-N88B = gunmetal grey elsewhere but for the first late 1977 batch ; remaining available in Germany until 1984.
Also available as a Wega Lab Zero in black fashion, no rack ears and green LED meters added.

Do read the USER technical review to understand why so many TA-N88s fried all too quickly - a fate which had nothing to do with the V-FETs.

A real N88 here.

Sony TA-N88B, image 1 Sony TA-N88B, image 2 Sony TA-N88B, image 3
Sony TA-N88B specifications
Title Value
RMS power : 2x 160W (20Hz...20Khz, 8 Ohm)
THD : less than 0,05% at rated output
IMD : less than 0,01% at rated output
Damping factor : 20 (1Khz / 8 Ohm)
Residual noise : less than 100µV (8 Ohm, IHF-A)
S/N ratio : more than 110dB (short circuited input)
Frequency response : 5Hz...40Khz (+0,5/-1dB)
Input : 1,4V (for rated output) / 50kOhm
Output : 8...16 Ohm
PC : 135W (USA model)
480VA (Canadian model)
550W (AEP model)
1030W (UK model)
Dimensions : 48 x 8 x 36cm
Weight : 11kg.
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