Sony TA-F808ES

Sony TA-F555ESJ

October   1 9 9 2 october 1992
1 9 9 3

The last integrated amplifier of the "classic" ES line and a discrete update of the previous TA-F870ES.

The update consists of the addition of Mos-Fet transistors in the driver stages which the previous F870ES only had in the power stages.

The F808ES has the same badge -litterally- glued -litterally- as was glued on the F870ES ; the F808ES is a japanese TA-F555ESJ yet the latter doesn't have the Control S plug or the Pre-Out pair of outputs.

However, given Sony's complex market-related versions, model naming and even lettering schemes, this and other things remain to be confirmed... and don't ask me why the F808ES has a badge and the TA-F707ES doesn't - I don't know !

The TA-F555ESG, F555ESL, F555ESA, F555ESJ and their export versions all have three signal path options :
Direct Input :
bypasses the input & rec-out selectors,
Source Direct :
bypasses the tone/bal/mode switches as well,
Adaptor : simple EQ loop.

The Direct Input does NOT go straight to the attenuator or even direct to the power amp : it lands just before the Source Direct position.

The "B / Pre-Out speaker selector position bypasses the power amp, for use with active speakers (for the export versions which have the pre-out terminals...).

Anyway, very healthy integrated amps : true powerhouses, able to output lots of curent to feed just about any loudspeaker available.

Also, a tradition in Sony's 1980s / 1990s components : ultra-solid build quality, super-parts (Muse, Duorex, For Audio, ALPS etc), generous heatsinking, copper bus bars and a very decent phono stage which, like all of Sony's mid- and top-end integrated amps since 1978 accepts low-output MC cartridges.

The top cover of the TA-F808ES is made of the same G-Base material than its base, to dampen vibrations even further. This has a side effect on the sideburns which have to be taller to conceal the height supplement.
In Japan, said G-Base was already included with the previous TA-F555ESA... which the export version (TA-F870ES) didn't have.

Can't beat Sony on complex multiplications of versions... but you couldn't (back then) beat Sony either on selling more than any other manufacturer - even with 2000 integrated amplifiers.

Sony TA-F808ES, image 1 Sony TA-F808ES, image 2 Sony TA-F808ES, image 3
Sony TA-F808ES specifications
Title Value
Power : 2x 200W (4 Ohm, 1Khz, DIN)
2x 135W (8 Ohm, 1Khz, DIN)
THD : 0,005% (10W / 8 Ohm)
Bandwidth : 2Hz...200Khz (+0/-3dB)
S/N ratio : 70dB (MC)
87dB (MM)
105dB (lines)
Damping factor : 100 (8 Ohm, 1Khz)
Inputs : 2,5mV / 50kOhm (MM)
0,17mV / 1kOhm (MC, 40 Ohm position)
0,17mV / 100 Ohm (MC, 3 Ohm position)
150mV / 20kOhm (tuner)
150mV / 50kOhm (CD, Direct & Aux)
150mV / 50kOhm (Tape 1 /2 /3, Adaptor)
Outputs : 150mV / 1kOhm (Rec out 1 /2 /3)
150mV / 1kOhm (Adaptor out)
1V / 100 Ohm (Pre-Out, variable)
25mW / 8 Ohm (headphones)
2x speaker pairs (4...16 Ohm)
Subsonic filter : 6dB/octave below 15Hz
Bass control : ± 7dB at 100Hz
Treble control : ± 6dB at 10Khz
PC : 390W
Dimensions : 47 x 17,5 x 43,5cm
Weight : 24,6kg
List price : 150,000¥
Remote commander : RM-S703
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