Sony TA-2000F

1 9 7 1 february 1971
1 9 7 6 1976

Very successful preamplifier and updated FET version of the original and equally successful TA-2000.

Differences lie in a better shielding of the vertical printed circuits and some changes of controls topology : the tape-head input, for instance, was replaced by "modern" selectors and dubbing functions, the front line output jack was deemed redundant and the center / mono output was deprived from its own level potentiometer.
The phono section was however greatly expanded.

According to owners of both versions, the FETs in the circuits didn't seem to make that much of a difference with the original TA-2000, but the "F" is much more convenient to use due to the modernization of the controls and functions.
Unlike the original 2000 but like many other contemporary Sony components, the back panel is articulated and opens down to allow very easy access to all the sections and plug-in PCBs.

Btw, the knurled knobs were export-only : japanese units kept the original smooth ones of the TA-2000 and added a little "F" badge on the top right corner of the front.

Sony kept the 2000F available in Japan much longer than elsewhere and even after the introduction (and shelving...) of the TAE-8450. The reason is simple : the 2000F sold like hotcakes - worldwide !

By way of the 1971 revision, the TA-2000 stereo preamplifier remained a bestseller between 1968 and 1976.
It was part of the units taken as reference in build quality when Sony started to work on the ESPRIT series because, in 1978, it still was impressive. And it still is today.

Sony TA-2000F, image 1 Sony TA-2000F, image 2 Sony TA-2000F, image 3
Sony TA-2000F specifications
Title Value
Type : all-silicon transistor
Semiconductors : 26 FETs
70 transistors
15 diodes
Inputs : Phono 1 (1,2mV / 33kOhm - 47kOhm - 82kOhm)
Phono 2 (HIGH 1,2mV / 33kOhm - 47kOhm - 82kOhm)
Phono 2 (LOW, 0,06mV / 10 Ohm or 30 Ohm)
Tuner, Aux 1/2, Tape, DIN (110mV / 100kOhm)
MIC (0,5mV / 100kOhm)
Max input capability : 300mV / 1Khz (phono)
15mV / 1Khz (Phono LOW)
1200mV (MIC)
Recording outputs : 100mV / 10kOhm (RCA)
30mV / 82kOhm (DIN)
Preamp output : 1V / 0,3V / 3kOhm or 6kOhm
30V maximum
Center output : 5V / 100kOhm / 2,6kOhm
Headphones output : 0,5V / 8 Ohm / 100 Ohm (front)
0,5V / 8 Ohm / 100 Ohm
THD : < 0,03% at rated output (line level)
< 0,05% at rated output (low level)
IMD : < 0,05% at rated output (line level)
< 0,07% at rated output (low level)
Frequency response : 10Hz...100Khz (+0 / -2dB, phono 1 & 2)
RIAA curve : ± 0,5dB (phono 1 & 2)
30Hz...30Khz (MIC, +0 / -2dB)
S/N ratio : > 90dB (line level, 110mV input)
> 73dB (phono 1 & 2, 3,5mV input)
> 50dB (phono 2 LOW, 0,1mV input)
> 50dB (MIC, 1,5mV input)
Tone controls : ± 10dB at 100Hz or 50Hz (11x 2dB steps, 250Hz or 500Hz turnovers)
± 10dB at 10Khz or 20Khz (11x 2dB steps, 2,5Khz or 5Khz turnovers)
Filters : 12dB/oct. below 50Hz
12dB/oct. above 9Khz
PC : 23W at zero signal
Dimensions : 40 x 14,9 x 31,5cm
Weight : 9kg.
Supplied : 6x shorting plugs
4x pin plug
2x RK56 connecting cord
2x RK81 connecting cord
1x polishing cloth
Optional : TAC-1 wood cabinet
Features Features
Microphone inputs with source mixing facility
Two tape inputs and outputs with full bi-directional monitoring and input adjustment for tape 1
VU meter with sensitivity adjustment, level checking or source stereo separation functions
Two phono inputs with independent input level (phono 2) and impedance selector (phono 1)
11-step bass and treble controls with individual turnover frequencies
Pure complementary headphones circuit with level adjustment
Center channel output with level adjustment
7-mode stereo selector
2 sets of outputs with selectable 1V or 0,3mV level
High and low filters
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