Sony TA-2000

1 9 6 8 may 1968
1 9 7 1 february 1971

Part of Sony's first big push toward HIGH fidelity, along the ST-5000 FM tuner, TA-1120 integrated, TA-4300 frequency divider and TTS-3000 LPdrive. In other words : the original ES series !

Sony was the first japanese brand to go for full-size transistorized high-fidelity lineup in 1965 and got a sizeable head-start from that clever move.

Still today an excellent preamp and, swapping a few parts, easy to turn into a HIGH-end unit... today.
To be powered by the half-width TA-3120A stereo power amp for a multi-amped system, the latter being a TA-1120 stripped down of its preamp section.

Sony would await a long time to give some of its unit the same moniker : SL-2000 Beta recorder, LDP-2000 professional Laserdisc player (1985), TAE-2000ESD Home Theater preamp/processor (1992) and DTC-2000ES DAT recorder (1993).
The LDP being the Schumacher of LD players, the TAE having been hailed as the best DPL processor and the DTC being the best DAT recorder ever.

After seeing an extra-extra-extra-rare and beautiful black version in Germany, the TA-2000 was replaced by the TA-2000F (F for FET), that version remaining available in Japan far longer than elsewhere - probably the best proof possible that these still are worth buying... today.

Sony TA-2000, image 1 Sony TA-2000, image 2 Sony TA-2000, image 3
Sony TA-2000 specifications
Title Value
Inputs : Tape Head (1,2mV / 500kOhm)
Phono 1 (1,2mV / 47kOhm)
Phono 2 (NORM, 1,2mV / 47kOhm)
Phono 2 (LOW, 0,06mV / 200 Ohm)
Tuner, Aux 1/2, Tape, DIN (120mV / 100kOhm)
MIC (1,2mV / 500kOhm)
Maximum input capability : 100mV / 1Khz
5mV / 1Khz (Phono 2 LOW)
Recording outputs : 120mV / 1,5kOhm (max 10V)
Preamp output : 1V / 10kOhm, (max 2,5V)
0,3V / 7,5kOhm (max 0,75V)
Center output : 1,5V / 7,5kOhm (max 5V)
0,45V / 7,5kOhm (max 1,5V)
Headphones output : 1,5kOhm (max 10V)
THD : < 0,03% at rated output (line level)
< 0,05% at rated output (low level)
IMD : < 0,05% at rated output (line level)
< 0,07% at rated output (low level)
Frequency response : 20Hz...10Khz (+0 / -2dB)
RIAA curve : ± 0,5dB
NAB tape EQ curve : ± 0,5dB
S/N ratio : > 90dB (line level)
> 70dB (phono 1 & 2)
> 50dB (phono 2 LOW)
> 65dB (tape head)
Tone controls : 100Hz (± 10dB, 11x 2dB steps)
10Khz (± 10dB, 11x 2dB steps)
Filters : 12dB/oct. below 50Hz
12dB/oct. above 9Khz
PC : 10W at zero signal
Dimensions : 40 x 14,5 x 31,5cm
Weight : 9kg.
Supplied : 6x shorting plugs
4x pin plug
2x RK56 connecting cord
2x RK81 connecting cord
1x polishing cloth
Optional : TAC-1 wood cabinet
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