Sony TA-1120

Sony TA-1120A

1 9 6 5 november 1965
1 9 6 7 april 1967
1 9 7 1 1971

Sony's first foray into HIGH-Fidelity, before the FET, V-FET, High fT and MOS-FET revolutions... and before all other manufacturers.

The TA-1120 and later TA-1120A are basically the same amplifiers with mainly parts changes in the preamp section.
Visually almost identical : the headphones' front terminal was replaced by a "safety" LED on the 1120.

Inside is very close to a TA-2000 (or vice-versa) : solid steel chassis, function stages just behind the front plate, filter / flat amp / EQ boards next in the shielding case, protection (x1) and DC bias / AC balance (x2 each) vertically in the center and power stages at the back.

Like the TA-5650 or TA-E7B, the back-plate pivots to allow easy access ; preamp stages are ps-regulated ; idle current is to be set at 50mA.
Old days detail : left and right NAB tape eq adjustments pots are located on the underside.

Both versions were highly praised, sold extremely well and were meant to be used with the TA-4300 channel divider and the various power amps Sony had then available which were all very successful, too :-)

The TA-1120 was the very first ES component, in 1965 - that's right : ES is as old as 1965.
And ES stands for Extremely High Standard. Just as successful were the supremely elegant TTS-3000, ST-5000, PUA-286 and PUA-237 tonearms.

Looks-wise, it should be noted that the Sony logo, encased in the upper horizontal recess, one of Sony's early design trademarks, is a trick re-used for quite a few units throughout the late 80s (TA-F830ES etc).
And if you check an SCD-X9000ES or the recent ES receivers, you'll find the same signature, although in a much less discrete manner.

Superceded by the TA-1120F which remained available in Japan as late as 1976 given the japanese standards it was quite a feat. And pricier than a TA-5650 V-FET, mind you !

Sony TA-1120, image 1 Sony TA-1120, image 2 Sony TA-1120, image 3 Sony TA-1120, image 4
Sony TA-1120 specifications
Title Value
Type : All-silicon transistor stereo control amplifier
Circuit : quasi-complementary symmetry SEPP OTL
Semiconductors : 44 transistors
25 diodes
2 thermistors
Continuous power output : 2x 100W (8 Ohm, 0,1% THD)
2x 80W (4 Ohm, 0,1% THD)
2x 70W (16 Ohm, 0,1% THD)
Dynamic power output (IHF) : 2x 120W (8 Ohm, 0,1% THD)
THD : < 0,05% (1Khz at rated output)
< 0,1% (20Hz / 15Khz at rated output)
IMD : < 0,2% at rated output (SMPTE)
Power amp frequency response : 5Hz...200Khz (+0 / -2dB)
Power amp S/N ratio : 110dB
Damping factor : 180 (8 Ohm)
Sensitivity for rated output : 1V
Input impedance : 100,000 Ohm
Output voltage : 2V into 10,000 Ohm (pre-out)
6V into 10,000 Ohm (headphones)
150mV (rec-out)
Frequency response : 10Hz...100Khz (line inputs, +0 / -2dB)
± 0,5dB (Phono RIAA)
± 0,5dB (NAB eq curve for tape head)
10Hz...30Khz (MIC, -0 / +2dB)
Maximum input (1Khz) : 100mV (tape head)
100mV (phono 1 & 2)
100mV (MIC)
10V (line inputs)
Inputs : Tuner (0,15V / 100kOhm, adjustable level)
Aux. (0,15V / 100kOhm, adjustable level)
Tape (0,15V / 100kOhm)
Phono 1 & 2 (1,2mV / 47kOhm)
Tape head (1,2mV / 500,000 Ohm ; for tape heads with less than 10kOhm impedance)
MIC (1,2mV / 500,000 Ohm)
S/N ratio : 90dB (tuner, aux)
70dB (phono 1 & 2)
70dB (tape head)
65dB (MIC)
PC : 260W max.
Dimensions : 40 x 14,5 x 31cm
Weight : 11kg.
Features : 9Khz scratch filter
50Hz rumble filter
Stepped tone controls
Monitor switch
Channel balance
ST / REV / L / R / L+R selector
Aux & Tuner input level pots
Optional : TAC-1 enclosure
List price : 449,50$ (1970)
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