Sony Scenario S7

1 9 9 1 1991
1 9 9 5 1995

The third set of "7" units, these units remained available fairly long but didn't sell as expected.

The total set was to be made of :
TA-S7 : integrated amplifier
CDP-S7 : cd player
TC-S7 : k7 recorder
ST-S7 : am/fm tuner
SS-S70 : 'speakers

Probably some design issues as they were really stark and quite austere - even considering the early 90s timeframe.

Probably marketing issues as well : not ES, not "regular" either, nor a "midi", let alone "mini". However, photographed and displayed as they were, the S7 separates looked exactly like a bigger... all-in-one !

Well, this sounds exactly like the first Precise P7 system which was in between everything, therefore interesting in itself but market-wise difficult to outline precisely.
Or, closer to us, the excellent Series 3000 and Series 5000 separates which suffered the same fate - the marketing arcanes are often closed to interesting escapades :(

The S7 are good all-around units nevertheless, all built with a one-piece resin-cast chassis and aluminium fronts.

An MC stage, 2 video i/o's and a toroidal transformer inherited from the TA-N55ES bestseller on the 2x 70W,
a PULSE/HDLC 1Bit DAC and a linear drive in the CDP-S7 CD player,
three heads ead HX-Pro for the TC-S7 and an ST-S7 tuner which bore the display and functions set from the contemporary ST-S770ES but, inside, more from lower-end ST-S'.

Probably, mainly, pricing issues :
2700DM for the four separates but the SS-S70 speakers and three stands still optional, however, was a little too much. Or not enough.

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