Sony STR-6060

Sony STR-6060F(W)

Sony STR-6000

1 9 6 7 november 1967
1 9 7 1 1971

Sony didn't produce many receivers but the 6060 was their first, appearing almost two years after the launch of the original ES units in 1965.

Fully solid-state, with a very very serious build quality and the use of a flap to hide secondary controls - a trend many took over much later on !

There are two versions : STR-6060F and STR-6060FW, the latter being the most common.
I do not know the differences between the two - besides the switches (black/big/plastic vs. round/slim/aluminium), they seem quite identical...
Excellent FM section at any rate.

The STR-6060FW was very briefly available circa 1969/70 as an STR-6000 : all black in color, but only in Japan.

Sony STR-6060, image 1 Sony STR-6060, image 2 Sony STR-6060, image 3
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