Sony ST-J55

Sony Wega T700

October   1 9 7 9 october 1979
1 9 8 1 1981

Technical repackaging and visual redesign of the october 1978 ST-J60.
Like most of Sony's production of that vintage : it may not look so but it is very good work, reliable, unobtrusive, musically satisfying.
The ST-J75 upper model is much better, sure, and the old ST-J88B remained at that time a sonically better option [cleaner (treble), more extended (bass) and precise (mids)], sure. But today, given what these cost : nearly unbeatable.

The Wega T700 version is entirely equivalent but for the looks : "gun grey" anodizing and black pads. Its last prototype had a clear anodizing aluminium strip behind the window, changed for production to the same grey as the rest of the front.

The TAC-70 enclosure was alas not really produced after the october 1979 launch - sad because the design was planned from the start to be housed in it (same as for the ESPRIT series).

Specs, schematics, circuits used and nudies here ; for the J60 here.

Sony ST-J55, image 1 Sony ST-J55, image 2 Sony ST-J55, image 3
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