Sony ST-A6B

1 9 7 7 september 1977
1 9 8 0 1980


Just like the previous ST-5950SD, this FM tuner is a real sleeper, lying among the myriad of worthwile but still completely overlooked Sony units.

Probably originally intended as a cheaper alternative to the ST-A7B, the ST-A6B holds its own with a 7-gang varicap and slightly better DX performance. And looks to match !

The ST-A6B starts making music with its 7-gang capacitor and a quadruple-tuned antenna circuit.

Dual gate MOS-Fet RF front end, dual gate Mos-Fet mixer and Fet-buffered local oscillator, Sony Uni-Phase in the IF stage and PLL MPX IC make the rest of the music path.

400Hz test tone, adjustable output level (or not), auto/narrow and muting switching, mono / hi-blend / stereo modes and signal & multipath meters is what you can fiddle with.

What this doesn't say is that, without sounding as incredibly magnificently superbly unbelievably beautiful as an ST-A7B, the ST-A6B is close enough and close enough to withstand comparison with many of the well known mid-end "super" tuners - a comparison very dangerous for most of the latter !

Available worldwide under the same moniker (for once !) and with the same color, too, despite catalogs' large variations, offering grey or clearly cyan versions !
The green / bronze nevertheless came out for all versions in real life - for once Sony made it simple.

Fairly rare in the USA but, as usual, quite abundant in Europe ; there is no reason to pay a fortune for an ST-A6B as there are many around, many.

The smaller sibling is the silver-ish and Japan-only ST-A5 which had the same basic design and the same 7-gang varicap... for half the price.

Do read the FM-Tuner Info review of the ST-A6B !

Sony ST-A6B, image 1 Sony ST-A6B, image 2 Sony ST-A6B, image 3
Sony ST-A6B specifications
Title Value
Tuning range : 87,5...108MHz
Usable sensitivity : 9,8dBf (1,7µV)
50dB quieting (mono) : 15,9dBf (3,4µV)
50dB quieting (stereo) : 37,1dBf (39µV)
S/N ratio : 79dB (mono)
74dB (stereo)
Selectivity : 50dB (400Khz)
AM suppression : 60dB
Image rejection : 120dB
Alt. channel selectivity : 55dB (normal)
85dB (narrow)
RF intermodulation : 80dB
Subcarrier suppression : 70dB
THD (mono) : 0,08% (100Hz, normal)
0,2% (100Hz, narrow)
0,08% (1Khz, normal)
0,2% (1Khz, narrow)
0,08% (10Khz, normal)
0,2% (10Khz, narrow)
THD (stereo) : 0,15% (100Hz, normal)
0,4% (100Hz, narrow)
0,15% (1Khz, normal)
0,4% (1Khz, narrow)
0,3% (10Khz, normal)
0,6% (10Khz, narrow)
IM Distortion (mono) : 0,08% (100Hz, normal)
0,2% (100Hz, narrow)
IM Distortion (stereo) : 0,15% (100Hz, normal)
0,4% (100Hz, narrow)
Stereo separation (norm/narrow) : 43dB / 40dB (100Hz)
45 / 40dB (1Khz)
40 / 35dB (10Khz)
Frequency response : 30Hz...15Khz (+0,2 / -1,5dB)
Capture ratio : 1,0dB (normal)
1,2dB (narrow)
Fixed outputs : 750mV / 4kOhm
Variable output : 1,2V max. / 200 Ohm
PC : 23W
Dimensions : 43 x 17 x 32cm
Weight : 7kg.
List price : 49,800¥ (1977)
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