Sony ST-5950SD

Sony ST-5950

1 9 7 5 april 1975
1 9 7 8 1978

Another Sony understatement : great gear which didn't bother to really look like it and an unbeatable sound/price/durability ratio !
Sold in Japan under the same moniker but without the "SD" compatibility for 84.800¥, below the old ST-5000F (105.000¥, 1976).

For the price the ST-5950 goes for nowadays (SD or not), the bargain still stands. In spades.

Under the title of "Futuristic Peculiarities", a french '76/77 catalog says that "Dolby FM is already widespread in the USA and it is bound to happen in Europe as well, soon." ;-)

The little brother, ST-4950, in its non-SD version was also available as a black-face WEGA T-4710.
For even better FM sound, go for an ST-A6B or the ST-A7B masterpiece.

Sony ST-5950SD, image 1 Sony ST-5950SD, image 2 Sony ST-5950SD, image 3
Sony ST-5950SD specifications
Title Value
Features Features
5-gang Varicon varicap
MOS-FET front-end
Computer designed phase-linear solid-state ceramic filter in IF stage
Phase-Locked-Loop MPX stage
DOLBY-FM capability
FM interstation muting
Defeatable AFC
High blend switch
2 tuning meters
Multipath indication
LED tuning pointer and station indicator
Variable ourtput level
Automatic mono/stereo switching
Stereo indicator light
Tuning range : 87,5...108MHz
Intermediate frequency : 10,7MHz
Sensibility : 1,5µV (IHF)
1,4µV (mono, 26dB S/N, 40Khz dev.)
35µV (stereo, 50dB S/N, 75Khz dev.)
30µV (stereo, 46dB S/N, 40Khz dev.)
S/N ratio : 76dB (mono)
70dB (stereo)
Selectivity : 85dB (400Khz)
Image rejection : 90dB
IF rejection : 100dB
Echo rejection : 100dB
AM suppression : 56dB
Frequency response : 20Hz...15Khz (+0,2 / -1dB)
40Hz...12,5Khz (± 0,2dB)
THD (mono) : 0,10% (100Hz)
0,10% (1Khz)
0,15% (10Khz)
THD (stereo) : 0,2% (100Hz)
0,2% (1Khz)
0,4% (10Khz)
Stereo separation : 40dB (100Hz)
50dB (1Khz)
40dB (10Khz)
Outputs : 750mV / 10kOhm (fixed)
0...2V / 3kOhm (variable)
0...200mV (headphones)
Componentry : 7 ICs
7 FETs
54 transistors
31 diodes
PC : 32W
Dimensions : 45 x 16,8 x 33,1cm
Weight : 9,3kg.
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