Sony SS-R10

1 9 9 5 1995
1 9 9 9 1999

Part of the exclusive, xxx-rare and utterly unobtainium R10 set of units, the electrostatic SS-R10 loudspeaker may well be Sony's most rare unit.

Unlike many high-end products, make that ultra-highend outerspace byproducts, the dipole SS-R10 didn't boast a super-conductive membrane from planet Mars or a newly developped directionality controller made after a thorough study of the bat's sonar and wings movements.

Nope - the SS-R10 loudspeaker just took on the (very old) electrostatic theory and pushed it enough to overcome its well-known problems and shortcomings.

Although most high-end units from Sony were developped in a colloquial way, the SS-R10 was a one-man project, as theearlier SS-G333ES and SS-G777ES had been.

But it took a long time, however, a very long time - do click the USER button below for a full Rewind !

Sony SS-R10, image 1 Sony SS-R10, image 2
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