Sony SS-M9ED

Sony SS-1ED

1 9 9 9 may 1999
2 0 0 2 2002

Extended Definition loudspeaker designed by Dan Anagnos of Polk Monitor - with a lot of exclusive Sony technologies.

The SS-M9ED is a made in USA 60kg bass-reflex little monster with a demanding efficiency of 86dB sporting superlative structure and componentry and a complex SS-TW100ED super-tweeter extending the frequency response to... 100Khz !
The original, non-ED version, SS-M9, omits the super tweeter for a "regular" bandwidth and a pair of "regular" ears.

The SS-M9ED was named SS-1ED in Japan and was also available in microscopic quantities without the piano-black finish (much better).

The smaller but tuly excellent siblings of the series (SS-M7, SS-M5, SS-M3) were, for once, export only and they were designed and made in USA as well anyway.

The total production run of the M9ED / 1ED is anybody's guess but probably was equivalent to that of the SS-GR1. In other words : near non-existence...

Real SS-TWs here.

Sony SS-M9ED, image 1 Sony SS-M9ED, image 2 Sony SS-M9ED, image 3
Sony SS-M9ED specifications
Title Value
Type : 4-way
5 drivers (SS-M9ED)
4 drivers (SS-M9)
Drivers : 2x 20,3cm bass
1x 12,7cm mid
1x 2,54cm high
1x 2,54cm super high (M9ED)
Frequency response : 26Hz...100Khz (+/- 3dB ; M9ED)
26Hz...70Khz (M9)
Impedance : 4 Ohm nominal
2 Ohm minimum
Sensibility : 86dB / 2,83V / 1m.
Max. SPL : 113dB / 1m. / full range / per pair
Min. / max. power source : 40W / 400W
Repartee : 200Hz
Internal network : 24dB/oct.
Binding posts : 2-way for bi-wiring/bi-amping
Bass-reflex vents : 2x c. 20cm diameter
lower back of the enclosure
Dimensions : 112,5 x 40 x 55,5cm
Weight : 58kg.
List price : 1,000,000¥
Features : > non-parallelipedic enclosure
> Polypropylene bass & mid cones
> Glass-epoxy internal network base
> Polypropylene caps
> Copper rails
> Special damping materials
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