Sony SS-GR1

October   1 9 9 1 october 1991
1 9 9 5 1995

The original (and only) R1 loudspeaker : massive yet extremely refined.

Refined because hidden at the back of the top horn load is a Bio-Cellulose super-tweeter ; the tweeter and mid drivers are based on silicon carbide (SiC) as used in the x-rare SS-G777ES while the woofer and mid drivers are based on a carefully matched mix of polyamide fibers and pulp, as first used in the abovementioned G777ES.

SiC was btw really first used by Sony on the SH-500 extra-rare cartridge headshell in 1981.

Bio-Cellulose is an extremly thin material with superior stiffness and a resonance peak placed extremmely high above its frequency range of use. It is technically better than Beryllium or anything else.
Bio-Cellulose is threaded by bacteriae and was originally used in the SS-A5 (1989), the ultimate SS-G55 series as well as in the MDR-R10 reference headphones.

The three CD horns (Constant Direcivity) are directly carved into the multi-layer enclosure ; the shape of the horns was calculated from the driver's radiating specs : laterally to reduce outward pressure and listening rooms' reflections, vertically to reduce interference between drivers.

The enclosure is a two-in-one : a basic rectangular frame making the sides, top and bottom supports the real enclosure made of carved multi-layer wood

In fact the GR1 can be seen as the cost-no-object result of the efforts spent on the late 1980s Voce and "G" series. Unfortunately, at 2,200,000¥, a pair of SS-GR1 was a luxury only the outrageously rich could afford.
The only ones spotted outside Japan bear the #200 043 and #200 044 serial numbers - these are Sony Japan serials. There is another pair (B-stock) which was sold to an employee in France for a few hundred euros ; it is supposed to have spent the past ten years rotting away in a damp cellar around Paris...

It took the engineers almost four years to finish the GR1.
And then it got a Golden Sound Coty Award, the highest in Japan, alongwith the Yamaha GF-1.

Although I have a preference for sealed designs (acoustic suspension à la AR-3a or NS-10M), the SS-GR1 is my dream loudspeaker.

But I do own a pair of SS-A5S so I'm halfway there :)

Sony SS-GR1, image 1 Sony SS-GR1, image 2 Sony SS-GR1, image 3
Sony SS-GR1 specifications
Title Value
Type : 4-way bass-reflex
Woofer : 30cm polyamide / pulp mixed cone
Mid : 10cm polyamide / pulp + SiC ; balanced drive structure
High : 3cm SiC dome
Super-high : 2cm Bio-Cellulose dome
Nominal impedance : 8 Ohm
Maximum input power : 100W
Peak maximum power : 300W
Sensibility : 90dB / W / m.
Frequency response : 25Hz...35Khz
18dB/octave repartee : 500Hz
Surface veneer : sliced walnut
Dimensions : 102,6 x 54,4 x 44,5cm
Weight : 75kg
Price : 2,200,000¥ per pair
Production run : probably less than 50 pairs.
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