Sony SS-G9

1 9 7 9 september 1979
1 9 8 1 1981

Launched at the same time as the futuristic APM-8, the SS-G9 was unfortunately but previsibly eclipsed by the former - something today's marketing geniuses wouldn't risk, would they ?

The G9 is a bigger SS-G7 : same Carbocon, AlNiCo V circuits and enclosure engineering, only much bigger : the G9 in fact fits into the enclosure of an APM-8... at 87kg apiece.

The multi-wiring terminals weren't a novelty at Sony : all high-end Sony loudspeaker sported that feature right from the very beginning of the ES series in 1965 and the original SS-3300.
There also is a regular all-together wiring possibility besides the separate inputs shown below.

The filter is partly potted in SBMC, uses ultra-select parts and wiring and is sized like the G9 enclosure : big. Actual impedance makes an easy load with the lowest point being 6 Ohm at 1,2Khz.

Naturally hand-made, drivers hand-coated, hand-adjusted, hand-sanded and hand-oiled, the production run must have been of about 600 pairs which was a sizeable amount for something that expensive.
However, judging by today's apparent circulation, it'd be easy to think only a handful were made...

Sony SS-G9, image 1 Sony SS-G9, image 2 Sony SS-G9, image 3
Sony SS-G9 specifications
Title Value
Type : 4-way / 4-drivers bass-reflex
Drivers : 1x 38 Carbocon cone
Alnico V magnet, radial slits between yoke/pole, 7,8kg, 10,800G
1x 20cm Carbocon cone
10,000G, 75mm voice coil
1x 8cm balanced-drive dome
1x 3,5cm balanced-drive dome
20µ titanium coating, 18,000G
Frequency response : 27Hz...22Khz
SPL : 94dB /W /m
Maximum output SPL : 115dB /W /m
Nominal impedance : 8 Ohm
Input : 120W
Maximum peak input : 300W
Crossovers : 300Hz
Bass control : +3dB...-47dB
Mid control : +2dB...-48dB
High control : 0dB...-50dB
Dimensions : 108 x 60 x 45,5cm
Weight : 87kg
List price : 576,000¥ (one pair)
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