Sony SS-G777ES

1 9 8 8 1988
1 9 9 1 1991

Sony's penultimate high-end loudspeaker - unknown worldwide and even in Japan...

Pity because this really was no toy, nor a gimmicky thing filled with far-flung technologies. Unfortunately, Sony didn't advertise about them at all and, as a result, the misconception did continue : Sony does not do worthwhile high-end audio.

The bass river uses uni-directional carbon fibers with a slightly exponential cone shape.

The high and mid drivers are based on Silicon Carbonate Fine Ceramics (SiC) which has an inherent dispersion speed of ds 12,400 meters /s.
Carbon domes are shaped, then vapor deposited with SiC ; the base domes are then discarded to retain only the SiC film/dome with 99,999% purity and geometrical accuracy.

Btw, SiC was first used by Sony in 1980 on the extra-rare SH-500 cartridge headshell.

AlNiCo magnets are used for all three drivers ; the network reduces the bass driver's back-current from influencing the mid / high circuits and is filled with large metalized paper and (european) polypropylene caps as was done in the APM-6 or SS-G7.

The work on the enclosure went through several phases, which the first publicly shown version was made of large (in width) style with rounded edges everywhere.
This pre-production proved to be bass-shy so a different design was devised : 4cm thick with 4x 3-ply beechwood, 4-ply birch, semi-edgy surfaces finished in real rosewood.

Polyurethane, resin washers and felt+rubber-damped screws further evacuate vibrations of the bass driver.

I have no idea of the production run but it should be around less than 1000 pairs ; where they all went is another matter...

The SS-G777ES represent Sony's quality, pre-1991 financial crash, pre-1991 Morita retirement, pre-whatever : delicate and discreet magnificence.

Sony SS-G777ES, image 1 Sony SS-G777ES, image 2 Sony SS-G777ES, image 3
Sony SS-G777ES specifications
Title Value
Type : 3-way bass-reflex
Drivers : 1x 30cm bass cone
1x 6,5cm balanced-drive mid
1x 2,5cm ceramic dome tweeter
Nominal impedance : 6 Ohm
Max. input power : 100W
Max peak power : 200W
Sensibility : 89dB / W / m
Frequency response : 25Hz...50Khz
Repartee : 450Hz
Input terminals : bi-wiring
Dimensions : 43 x 74 x 36cm
Weight : 47kg.
WS optional stands : WS-777 (43 x 25 x 32cm ; 60,000¥)
List price : 200,000¥ (1989)
185,600¥ (1991)
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