Sony SS-G7

Sony SS-G7S

October   1 9 7 6 october 1976
1 9 8 0 1980

Sony's top of the pops, hand-made and containing much of the research spent on previous models : titanium domes, carbon-charged cones, grooved surfaces, computer-designed cones' shapes (NASTRAN) and oversized AlNiCo magnets.

Surprisingly, the launch of the APM line didn't put a shadow on the G speakers, as the first APM was presented along the new G series' topper : the 4-way SS-G9.

The little red badge does not say "professional" - that was for the PS-X9 where it also served for the somewhat discontinuous and sparse Professional Series among which were the PS-X9, PUA-9, TA-N9, EL-D9 (prototype), SS-G9 and the APM-9 (finally produced as APM-8).

It should be noted that Sony delivered a set a High-End cables with the SS-G7 (RK-5S) at a time when cables hadn't yet become the concern they have become :)
It should also be noted that by the time the SS-G7a replaced the G7, Sony had sold in excess of 10,000 G7 pairs ! However, all the serial numbers I could spot indicate a total production closer to 20,000 pairs - 40,000 individual G7s.

The SS-G7S was a brief Germany-only version with added triple-terminals to allow tri-amping and/or filtering. It was probably made by Sony SDL (Sony DeutschLand) with the end tail of the japanese overstocks. I have never ever seen any "official" image of it, only a quick mention in a german magazine but Sony SDL must've believed in it a lot for it custom-ordered a dedicated crossover unit/module named "7-1" to be used with the TA-D88B... If the G7S is extra-extra-rare, the 7-1 module is closer to Invisibilia.

Given the care these loudspeakers were made with and given the price they were sold for... Sony must have made a very limited margin.
But after having sold that many, the profit must've been there, and not only in the listener's homes.

Sony SS-G7, image 1 Sony SS-G7, image 2 Sony SS-G7, image 3
Sony SS-G7 specifications
Title Value
BASS driver : 38cm cone
straight membrane + rigid grooves
liquid-impregnated damping rolled edge
perforated 10cm voice coil
perforated Alnico magnet
Diecast aluminium frame
9000 gauss
7 Ohm / 100W max.
MID driver : 10cm cone/dome
65mm voice coil
ferrite magnet
12000 gauss
6 Ohm / 60W max.
HIGH driver : 3,5cm dome
20µ hemispherical titanium dome
single piece dome/membrane
Alnico magnet
16000 gauss
6 Ohm / 30W max.
Filter : impregnated selfs
1,8mm copper wire
Controls : 0...-4dB (highs)
0...-4dB (mids)
Type : 3 way tuned port bass-reflex
Frequency response : 30Hz...20Khz
Repartee : 550Hz
Nominal Impedance : 8 Ohm
Max music peak : 200W
Max Sinus peak : 100W
SPL : 94dB / m / W
or 1,6W (96dB/m, DIN)
Dimensions : 51 x 94 x 44,5cm
Volume : 128L
Weight : 48kg.
List price : 128,000¥ (1976...1979)
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