Sony SS-5GX

1 9 7 8 september 1978
1 9 8 0 1980

Variation and sibling to the Falcon SA-20F - an extra-rare variation of the very-much-quite-better kind : the 5GX is a sound bolid.

Unlike the SA-20F and SA-10F, the SS-5GX is an acoustic suspension (good) , has no built-in power amp and no leaf tweeter either. Beautiful warm looks make up for that.
The 5GX however also has a back heatsink because the bass driver's voice coil is connected to a Heat-Pipe so as to allow a better efficiency at transforming the audio signal into acoustic energy rather than accumulated heat.

That Heat-Pipe seems like an early version of the system as the freon-filled tube isn't made of thin aluminium but of a semi-rigid and thick rubber or plastic of some kind. Having the bass driver efficiently cooled was to allow a bigger sound to come out of a small enclosure.

Both drivers' frames are made of cast aluminium. The high-quality filter has mylar caps and quality inductors with large core and heavy wire. The enclosure is beautifully veneered with natural walnut.

The SS-5GX was slightly later advertised as perfect match for the Precise P7 system.

At least one 5GX pair was custom-finished at the factory in "piano black" with the signature of Heitaro Nakajima slikscreened in gold on the sides (under the last gloss lacquer) ; this was within the regular s/n run so they must've been made for a special and impromptu occasion.

Sony SS-5GX, image 1 Sony SS-5GX, image 2 Sony SS-5GX, image 3
Sony SS-5GX specifications
Title Value
Type : 2-way / 2-speaker
acoustic suspension
Bass driver : 1x 13cm cone
High driver : 1x 2,5cm dome
Nominal impedance : 8 Ohm
Power handling : 50W nominal
100W maximum
SPL : 86dB /W /m
96dB /10W /m
Frequency response : 55Hz...20Khz
65Hz...20Khz (DIN, +4 / -8dB)
Crossover : 1,5Khz
Dimensions : 23,6 x 15,9 x 21,2cm
Weight : 3,8kg
List price : 32,000¥ per pair (1978)
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