Sony SCD-777ES

1 9 9 9 may 1999
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Sony's last stand for 2-channel audio... with multi-channel waiting in the wings.

Unlike what was touted, the Fixed Pickup Mechanism wasn't anything new as it it was used in Sony's original CDP-5000S professional CD player in... 1982 !
The SACD format on the other hand was new in 1999, even if chances are it'll never have the widespread success of its father (CD) or grand-father (LP).

Sound-wise an audible upgrade from the last of the X7 Series thanks to the complex-but-simpler S-TACT digital-to-analogue scheme... and the 5-position VC24 24bit filter.

The differences between the 25kg SCD-777ES and the 26,5kg SCD-1 are the looks, a pair of balanced outputs and a sealed transformer added for the SCD-1 ; the rest is the same, including KHS-18 frame and KSS-180A pickup, digital and analogue sections.

As for all very popular hi-fi components, after-market mods abound and the internet is full of them : easy, cheap, high-end and ultra-high-expensive-end.

The initial production run for the SCD-777ES and TA-FA777ES was planned at 700 units per month.
I have no idea how many units were actually produced, but the SCD-777ES sold well, very well.
Available in black fashion in the USA, champagne elsewhere.

Accuphase naturally used the same drive for its own DP-100 SACD drive.

An april 2000 review, here.

Sony SCD-777ES, image 1 Sony SCD-777ES, image 2 Sony SCD-777ES, image 3
Sony SCD-777ES specifications
Title Value
Playback frequency range : 2Hz...100Khz
Frequency response : 2Hz...50Khz (-3dB)
Dynamic range : > 105dB (audible frequency range)
THD : < 0,0012%
Wow & Flutter : below ±0,001% (Wtd, peak)
Frequency response : 20Hz...20Khz
Dynamic range : > 100dB
THD : < 0,0017%
Wow & Flutter : below ±0,001% (Wtd, peak)
CD digital outputs : coaxial (0,5V p-p / 75 Ohm ; PCM only)
optical (-18dBm ; PCM only)
Analogue outputs : 2V rms (RCA)
General General
Dimensions : 43 x 14,9 x 43,6cm
Weight : 25kg.
List price : 367,500¥ (1999...2002)
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