Sony Precise P7

October   1 9 7 8 october 1978
1 9 8 1 1981

The first PRECISE system - it may look flimsy and 80s-ish but it really is not.

The separates are covered by sliding aluminium sleeves holding Sony's (then-) fashionable technologies and audiophile goodies such as a phono MC stage or a PPS power-supply.

The components were and still are :
TA-P7F : integrated amplifier,
ST-P7J : FM tuner (export),
ST-P7J : FM+AM tuner (Japan),
PS-P7X : turntable.

The goal was to make just as good as the "old world" TA-F6B or ST-A6B but within unobtrusive enclosures fronted by less crowded faceplates.

Chronologically, Technics with the C01 was the first to go for high-end in a shoebox, the "C" standing for Concise.
Sony launched the Precise two months later with Toshiba (System 15) and Aiwa (My Pace) following very quickly afterward. And then, much later, Meridian and Cyrus came in :)

Looks-wise, Sony went for discrete features and construction techniques which however must've cost a fortune in 1978 : techniques for shaping and finishing aluminium and plastic weren't as easy (and cheap) as they became throughout the 1980s.
And that is exactly why the three Precise P7 look beautiful despite their diminutive sizes : quality is quality is quality.

Sony alas didn't make Precise loudspeakers, Precise tape recorders or Precise racks... But the SS-G7 was often recommended as companion (EU) and the SS-5GX (JP), along with the TC-FX7 later on.

Despite a rather consequent production run of around 8,000 pieces (tuner and amp, each, worldwide ; way more for the turntable), these components are quite difficult to find today. But if you do find one of these, do not hesitate : they look as cute as can be AND sound even bigger, especially the TA-P7F.

Why the Precise P7 didn't sell more remains beyond my understanding because they weren't overpriced as the Falcons and were sound-wise leagues above the latter.

Sony Precise P7, image 1 Sony Precise P7, image 2 Sony Precise P7, image 3
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