Sony PUA-9

1 9 7 7 1977
1 9 8 4 1984

"J"-shaped superlative tonearm bearing the same basic structure as the one in the PS-X70 turntable but much upgraded for the use of the XL-55Pro MC cart and delivered stock on something quite different : the PS-X9 masterpiece !

The PUA-9 is a semi-long arm for less angle error, but not as long as the contemporary PUA-1600L.

Among other upgrades over the original design, the 9 uses a carbon fiber-coated aluminium alloy for its wand. Litz wires inside, of course.
VTA is adjustable "on-the-fly", the arm balance is set with the main counterweight (in-line with the armwand) while the tracking-force is adjusted with the smaller, deported, weight.

The PUA-9 was available separately from the PS-X9, starting in july 1978, with a manual cue/lifting device added.

"This unit is supplied separately from turntable system PS-X9.
The elimination of vibration at the pivot gap is intended as non-vibration design : the vertical bearing is connected firmly with the pipe wand ; the lateral bearing is supported at the long span.

Ball-bearings are generally used for pivot - but there is gap between ball and receptacle. This gap is reduced by extending the span between pivots. Moreover the bearing section is reinforced by a strong bearing block to lower inherent vibrations.

Collet chucking connector at pipe end enables stable and strong connection between shell and wand - thus reducing gap and improving resonance at midrange.

Arm wand is made by lamination of high tensile aluminium and light/strong carbon fibres. This material has 8 times higher flexural rigidity than conventional material (in our company). This makes for low resonance and clear image of sound.

Heavy brass arm base supports arm rigidly.

Polyurethane covered Litz wires are used for lead wire & phono cord. This reduces transmission loss due to high impedance.

Terminals are gold-plated for anti-corrosive and low resistance characteristic.

Special head shell (SH-165) is made of aluminum clad with carbon fibres. This has high flexural rigidity for low resonance.

Magnet type of inside force canceller is free from friction loss at arm.

One-touch arm height adjusting mechanism without step between +/-3mm.

Sony PUA-9, image 1 Sony PUA-9, image 2
Sony PUA-9 specifications
Title Value
Type : statically balanced
Pivot to stylus : 26,4 cm
Overall length : 35,6cm
Overhang : 14mm
Offset angle : 20°
Tracking error : + 1°45'
- 1° 18'
Tracking force : 0...3g.
Anti-skating : 0...3g.
Cartridge weight : 10,5...18,5g (small c-w)
18...33g (large c-w)
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