Sony PUA-7

1 9 7 7 1977
1 9 8 1 may 1981

Smaller and lighter tonearm developped after the original PUA-9, available separately for 30,000¥ but mainly sold as mounted on the PS-X70, PS-X60 and PS-X50 bestsellers.

Released after the PUA-1600L and PUA-1600S, the july 1978 standalone version of the PUA-7 is extremely rare - a proof of people's latent snobism :-)

Arm wand is made from high tensile aluminium pipe with diameter 10mm. This material has 8 times higher flexural rigidity than conventional material (in our company). This makes for low resonance and good balanced sound.

Heavy brass arm base supports arm rigidly.

Polyurethane covered Litz wires are used for lead wire & phono cord. This reduces transmission loss due to high impedance. Terminals are gold-plated for anti-corrosive and low resistance characteristic.

Special SH-165 head shell is made of aluminum clad with carbon fibres. This has high flexural rigidity for low resonance.

Inside force canceller by combination of special cam and spring can compensate side thrust of arm exactly.

One-touch arm height adjusting mechanism without step between +/-3mm.

Sony PUA-7, image 1 Sony PUA-7, image 2
Sony PUA-7 specifications
Title Value
Type : statically balanced
Pivot to stylus : 23,5 cm
Overall length : ?
Overhang : 14mm
Offset angle : 21°
Tracking error : + 2°27'
- 1° 30'
Tracking force : 0...2,5g.
Anti-skating : 0...2,5g.
Cartridge weight : 11...19,5g (small c-w)
19...27,5g (large c-w)
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