Sony PUA-237

1 9 6 6 1966
1 9 7 2 1972

Made for the PS-3000 belt-drive and the VC-8E MC cartridge.

Replaced by the fairly similar PUA-1500L and PUA-1500S when the big TTS-4000 and PSE-4000 direct-drive record player took over the pro lineup.

Finally replaced by the PUA-1600L and PUA-1600S.

The PUA-237 is a 23,7cm effective length - easy to remember ;-)

Both are excellent tonearms unjustly overlooked nowadays but which sold very well between 1967 and 1972, then until 1976 in their updated PUA-1500L and PUA-1500S versions.

Sony PUA-237, image 1 Sony PUA-237, image 2
Sony PUA-237 specifications
Title Value
Overall length : 34cm
Effective length : 23,7cm
Tracking error : 1°44' maximum
Offset angle : 22°13'
Arm resonance : 9Hz (vertical)
11Hz (lateral)
Stylus pressure : 0...3g.
Overhang : 13mm
Acceptable cartridge : 6...18g.
Cartridge mount : EIA standard.
Features : Lateral balancer for in-line gravity center
Low frequency fundamental resonance
Low amplitude fundamental resonance
Gimbal suspension on 4 micro ball-bearing pivot races
7", 10" and 12" cueing presets
Anti-skating device
Silicon-damped cueing
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