Sony PS-X75

October   1 9 7 9 october 1979
1 9 8 2

One of the penultimate Sony turntables to be produced, the PS-X75 was launched at the october 1979 Tokyo Audio Fair : it was to be a revised version of the PS-B80 : the latter was outerspace sci-fi in 1978, the former was everyday sci-fi in 1979.

If its principles remained untouched, the J-shaped Biotracer tonearm was entirely re-engineered, especially the magnet / coil / bobbin arrangements of the vertical velocity and vertical linear motors - both those inside the top housing and those which deal with horizontal movements and make the bottom of the Biotracer.

It worked : most of the still visible PS-X75 have far less "blank moments", if any, than any of the PS-B80.

The features remained the same (all-automated everything, deported stylus force ring) but the stylus cleaner and digital readout of the stylus force vanished. The latter display would come back in the slightly re-looked but otherwise identical PS-X700.

The mat sports on its back side a protractor (thank you Sony), the BSL motor is the same and so are the barium-ferrite imprint read by an 8-pole magnetic head and linked X'Tal speed locking system.

Otherwise... what to say ?
The PS-X75 works beautifully, sonically as well, and it works beautifully and sonically as well. As a result, it sold very well worldwide.

The PS-X75 and PS-X700 cohabited a while in the (japanese) catalogs until the ultimate step was launched : the excellent PS-X800 tangential Biotracer (1981) and the later PS-X555ES version of the latter (1983).
There was nothing after that but Digital and Compact Disc - end of an era.

Sony PS-X75, image 1 Sony PS-X75, image 2 Sony PS-X75, image 3
Sony PS-X75 specifications
Title Value
Official specifications Official specifications
Speed accuracy : 0,015% WRMS
Speed drift : 0,0003%
Load characteristics : 0% up to 150g
Platter : 32cm diecast aluminium
dynamically balanced
S/N ratio : 78dB (DIN-B)
Tonearm's length : 33cm (overall)
23,5cm (effective)
Adjustable VTA : ± 3mm
Tracking force : 0g...3g
Cartridge weight : 12g...19g or 19g...26g
Supplied headshell : SH-155 (11g)
Dimensions : 48 x 16,5 x 42cm
Weight : 13kg.
List price : 89,800¥ (1979)
565,000L (1982)
Measured specifications Measured specifications
Speed accuracy : - 0,0033% (33 1/3rpm)
- 0,0035% (45rpm)
Wow & flutter : 0,065% (unweighted ; 33 1/3rpm)
0,042% (weighted ; 33 1/3rpm)
S/N ratio (B&K QR2010) : 45dB / 45dB (L / R ; unweighted)
66dB / 66,5dB (L / R ; weighted)
S/N ratio (Thorens) : 52dB / 52dB (L / R ; unweighted)
81dB / 80dB (L / R ; weighted)
Full speed ahead : 1,5s (33 1/3rpm)
2,0s (45rpm)
Tracking force accuracy : 0,45g for 0,50g setting
0,98g for 1,00g setting
1,53g for 1,50g setting
2,20g for 2,00g setting
2,50g for 2,70g setting
Output cable capacitance : 102pF / 102pF (L / R)
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