Sony PS-X60

1 9 7 8 september 1978
1 9 8 0 1980

Sibling of the PS-X70, just as worthwhile but even easier to find.

What is missing from the X70 is the motor for tonearm control, the Litz wiring of the tonearm, Logic IC for automatic sequencing, pitch controls and audio muting.
The PUA-7 tonearm is the same and so is the very sturdy BSL motor ; the rest is entirely equal.

The originals of the series are the PS-X70 and PS-X50 ; the PS-X60, PS-X40 and PS-X30 were later additions which didn't from a magnificent promo LP (which I own :) comparing recording techniques (CBS cutting lathes) and LP reproduction at home.

Previsibly, the X60 became later on the PS-X65.

Sony PS-X60, image 1 Sony PS-X60, image 2 Sony PS-X60, image 3
Sony PS-X60 specifications
Title Value
Speed accuracy : ± 0.003%
Wow & flutter : 0.025%
S/N ratio : 75dB (DIN B)
Platter : 32cm
Platter+mat weight : 2,2kg
Moment of inertia : 340kg/cm2
Full speed ahead : 1/2 rotation
Tonearm balance : static
Pivot to stylus length : 235mm
Overhang : 14mm
Adjustable VTA : ± 3mm
Stylus range : 0...2,5g
Anti-skating range : 0...2,5g
Cable capacitance : 50pF/m
Dimensions : 48,1 x 15,6 x 42,1cm
Weight : 12kg.
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