Sony PS-X6

1 9 7 7 june 1977
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The top end of the first "X" mid-end lineup : PS-X6.
The well-remembered one, the PS-X7, was export-only.

Really the very same turntbale but for the carbon-fiber tonearm which the X6 was not graced with.

"Mid-end", however, is used here to describe a turntable designed and made during what arguably was Sony's best period. So it may look like a flimsy piece of plastic but it really is NOT.
The only "mid-end" part of the PS-X6 is the tonearm which is unfortunately fixed and isn't the PUA-1600S found on the PS-8750...

Technically, the PS-X6 is a revamped PS-4300 (march 1976) without pitch controls and a much more compact motor - compact and therefore cheaper.
The difference between the two drives is equivalent to what Pioneer did between its original SHR motor and the later versions of it : PL-50L vs. PL-50LII.
The motor of the X6 is nevertheless extremely durable.

The basic speed locking technique is equivalent to all other 1976-1981 Sony turntables : barium-ferrite magnetic imprint, 8-pole reading head, X'Tal locking by phase loop and brush-less / slot-less motor.

The rest is also equivalent : dynamically balanced diecast aluminium platter, optical end-of-disc detection and mechanism, non-resonant SBMC enclosure (Sony Bulk Mold Compound), height-adjustable gel-filled feet and, depending on markets, a "mooney" mat found on other Sony turntables at the time.

The PS-X6 is a stunner which sold extremely well worldwide then and still astonishes those who -thinking they only get a cool-looking piece of outdated japanese junk- buy one for 50 and, once properly hooked up, can't believe the sonics of this cool-looking piece of... enduring japanese engineering.

Sony PS-X6, image 1 Sony PS-X6, image 2 Sony PS-X6, image 3
Sony PS-X6 specifications
Title Value
Table speed accuracy : ± 0,003%
Wow & Flutter : 0,025% (WRMS)
S/N ratio : 73dB (DIN B)
Platter material : die-cast aluminium
Platter diameter : 31,7cm
Platter weight : 1,6kg
Speeds : 33 1/3 & 45rpm
Start-up time : 1/3 of a rotation (33 1/3rpm)
Tonearm type : static
Effective length : 21,65cm
Overhang : 1,65cm
Stylus force range : 0...3g
AS system : spring & cam
AS range : 0...3g
Resonance : 7...9Hz
Headshell weight : 10,5g (SH-145)
Cart weight range : 2,5...14,5g
Output cable pF : 70pf
Dimensions : 44,5 x 15 x 37,5
Weight : 10,6kg.
Pricelist : 1990FF (1977)
59,800¥ (1977)
290$ (1978)
Features : - Quartz goverened X-tal lock servo system
- Automatic lead-in, retrun, repeat and stop
- Electronic touch switches with LED display
- 8-pole magnetic pick-up head + pulse-coated magnetic rim
- Optical end-of-record sensing
- Direct-reading stylus force gauge
- Viscous damped tonearm cueing
- Anti-skating with direct-reading and lateral balance weight
- Machine-finished die-cast aluminium platter
- Quartz governed stroboscope
- Strobe markings on platter rim
- Heavy rubber "mooney" mat [depending on market]
- Height-adjustable viscous gel filled feet
- Acrylic dust-cover.
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