Sony PS-Q7

1 9 8 2 august 1982
1 9 8 4 1984

Part of the FH-7 system, aka Heli and available in three colors, the PS-Q7 quickly became one of Sony's better remembered component and sold very well on its own, even better than the PS-F9 Flamingo.

The japanese versions of the Q7 had an FM antenna at the back to do away with amplifiers and transmit the LP playback directly to an FM tuner or portable boombox ; said antenna has a red LED glowing at the top when transmitting :)

The original japanese packaging for the PS-Q7 was sadly not exported but really deserved a Good Design award - click the USER button below !
The optional SBMC base for the Q7 which you can see here wasn't exported either and it doesn't even have a name in the catalogs...

Sony also made the PS-Q3 (belt-drive, no 'phone out or RIAA amp) and the PS-Q9 (a Q7 with added Control S plug), both in brownish-black and without the superb packaging.

A thread with detailed descriptions and nudies here.

Sony PS-Q7, image 1 Sony PS-Q7, image 2 Sony PS-Q7, image 3
Sony PS-Q7 specifications
Title Value
Type : Direct-drive with Servo Lock
built-in RIAA amplifier
built-in FM transmitter (japanese models only)
Motor : BSL
Full-speed ahead : 2/3rd of a rotation (33 1/3 rpm
Wow & flutter : 0,08% (WRMS
S/N ratio : 68dB (DIN B)
Supplied cartridge : VL-43G
Needle profile : 0,6mil round diamond
Replacement stylus : ND-143G (3500¥)
Frequency response : 10Hz...20Khz
Output : 3,5mV (1Khz, 5cm/s)
Amplifier's RIAA accuracy : ± 0,5dB
FM transmitter : lithium-controlled oscillation
Transmission frequency : 77,3MHz...78,7MHz
Dimensions : 21,5 x 6 x 23,5cm
Weight : 2,5kg.
Available colors : silver (most common)
brownish black (not so common)
red (rare)
blue (x-rare, available in Japan only at the very beginning of the production run)
Supposedly available color : pearl white (like a PS-F9)
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