Sony PS-8750

1 9 7 5 april 1975
1 9 7 8 1978

Sony's little big star for three short years, and part of the ES-II series, as grradually launched by Sony from 1974 onwards.

Its Magnedisc and X-tal Lock systems weren't really Sony (or Denon's or whoever's) inventions but the marketing tags were : the X-tal compares the reading of a barium-ferrite magnetic strip printed inside the platter's rim with a Quartz oscillator to further insure speed stability ; the system was featured on many Sony units from World receivers to the TTS-8000 and PS-X9 masterpiece.

The PS-8750 is also fitted with a special OL-2K mat containing a micron-thick plastic "skin" itself containing a very thick oil, an SBMC base (Sony Bulk Mold Compound), a separate motor for the tonearm's cueing, a big AC direct-drive motor and an even bigger power transformer (seems bigger than that of the TTS-8000...).

Other nice touches : the lid has an anti-static treatment (the white printed grid ; it really works), the output plugs are gold-plated and the arm's pivots rest on two sapphire bearings.

The fitted (and fixed) tonearm is a variation of Sony's own PUA-1600S (S for short) version, a tonearm available a year before the 8750 but upgraded for the latter with a carbon-fiber tube ; the SH-160 dedicated headshell is also carbon-clad. When properly setup, this 1600S / 160 duet makes sonic wonders (do yourself a favor and use an MC cartridge).

Despite being quite expensive and marred by Sony's usual scant and scarce advertising for its high-end audio output, the PS-8750 sold very well, even in Japan - that's how good it was and that's how good it still is.
The total production run should be of 5000 units, less than half of which must be still alive today (if not even less).

Only one other component bears that "8750" name which was inherited from the TA-8650 's last prototyping stages : the TC-8750-2 (aka TC-880-2) - they both were and still are in the top league.

An AES article describing the improvements over turntable design through the PS-8750 can be found (bought) right here.

A minty one here ; nudies of the motor here, here and here.

Sony PS-8750, image 1 Sony PS-8750, image 2 Sony PS-8750, image 3 Sony PS-8750, image 4 Sony PS-8750, image 5
Sony PS-8750 specifications
Title Value
Motors : Sony UC-634P (drive)
Sony DNF-1300A (auto-return)
Platter : Ø32cm / 1,5kg
Wow & futter : 0,045% (DIN)
0,025% (NAB)
S/N ratio : 70dB (DIN)
Pitch control : ± 4% (each speed separately)
Tonearm : PUA-1600S with special carbon-fiber wand
statically balanced
lateral magnetic counter balance
Tonearm's length : 32,0cm (overall)
23,7cm (effective)
Tonearm's overhang : 15mm
Tonearm's tracking force : 0...2,5g
Tonearm's cartridge weight : 3...10g
8...14g (with counterweight #1)
13,5...19,5g (with counterweight #2)
Tonearm's offset angle : 21°-30'
Tonearm's antiskating : 0...2,5g
Componentry : 49 transistors
36 diodes
8 ICs
Multivoltage : yes (for models with serial #4xx xxx and #5xx xxx)
PC : 20W
Dimensions : 45,8 x 18,4 x 39,5cm
Height : 45,8 x 48cm x 39,5cm (lid open)
Weight : 14,2kg.
List price : 168.000¥ (1975...1977)
900$ (1976)
Features : AC Direct Drive Quartz controlled motor
stroboscopic speed control
Sony Bulk Mould Compound base
separate motor for arm control
X-TAL Lock system
barium-ferrite magnetic imprint
8-pole impulse reading head
carbon-fibered tonearm (PUA-1600S)
SH-160 carbon-clad headshell
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