Sony PCM-R700

Sony PCM-R500

1 9 9 7 1997
2 0 0 2 2002

Sony's ultimate professional Digital Audio Tape (DAT) recorders.

Inheriting some mechanical parts from previous units such as the DTC-2000ES or even the DTC-1000ES / PCM-2500 ancesters.

The R700 is a 4-head design ; the R500 a simpler 2-Head ; the a/d conversion on both is of the "Delta-Sigma" type with 24bit resolution ; d/a conversion is 1bit Pulse with 20bit resolution.

The R700 has its tape/monitor switch located left, under the remote selector ; the R700 and R500 are otherwise visually identical.

The efficient SBM (Super Bit Mapping) is here, just like fully professional features like sync and sync level offsets, frame-accurate search or even automatic Q codes marking (Q IDs are the track start IDs on CDs).

Sony PCM-R700, image 1 Sony PCM-R700, image 2
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