Sony HA-T10

Sony HA-T30

Sony HA-T50

1 9 8 1 1981
1 9 8 6 1986

With the then rapidly decreasing presence of MC inputs on amplifiers, Sony put out miniaturized step-up transformers... plug-ins ! Long gone were the HA-55, the very briefly available ESPRIT lookalike HA-T1 or the rare HA-50 - why make big when small is available ?

Just hook your turntable's MC output into those tiny plugs and the latter in your amplifier's MM stage - et voilà !

The three models share the same specs with only distortion gradually increasing in level on the lower models and the T50 sporting an Amorphous Core bonus.

The HA-T10 are easy to find, the T30 and T50 are very rare. Pretty much sought after, even in Japan so I guess these must do their duties well.

The HA-T10 was also available at Ortofon, under the T-5 name and by Empire under the ET-1 moniker. Since Sony had higher-up models and not Ortofon (in such format), I guess Sony handled the manufacturing for Ortofon which, in turn, did something else for Sony...

Sony HA-T10, image 1 Sony HA-T10, image 2 Sony HA-T10, image 3
Sony HA-T10 specifications
Title Value
Frequency response : 20Hz...30Khz
Load impedance : 3 Ohm...40 Ohm
Stereo Separation : 26dB
Output level : 100mV (50Hz)
THD : 0,01% (1Khz, T10)
0,007% (1Khz, T30)
0,004% (1Khz, T50)
Dimensions : 13 x 13 x 55mm
Weight : 23g (T10)
21g (T30)
20g (T50)
Price : 6,400¥ (T10)
15,000¥ (T30)
25,000¥ (T50)
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