Sony DTC-57ES

Sony DTC-67ES

Sony PCM-2300

1 9 9 1 1991
1 9 9 2 1992

The DTC-57ES (aka DTC-67ES in the US) was the replacement for the DTC-55ES (aka DTC-75ES in the US) which was a fairly troublesome deck and also Sony's first deck sporting the well remembered SCMS "feature".

Besides being safer for one's recordings, the DTC-57ES added the date/hour/minutes/seconds recording feature.

The DTC-57ES was also pared down to become the DTC-750, losing along the way its coaxial digital output, its optional "champagne" dressing and sideburns.

Above in the lineup was the DTC-77ES, below were the DTC-670 and the half-sized DTC-P7, the latter being also available under the Aiwa brand.

More importantly, the DTC-57ES had a professional version, PCM-2300, with added professional features like XLR i/os, better boards and mostly... defeatable SCMS.

Analog input recording at 44.1Khz is possible on the professional PCM-2300 but not on its consumer version ; the useless "music scan / AMS" is replaced on the PCM-2300 by the much more useful goodbye to SCMS.
Otherwise, inside, with the exception of the added XLR i/os it is the same deck - kif kif bourricot.

Whether consumer (DTC-57ES) or professional (PCM-2300), three motors were at hand alongwith a Crystal AK5339 for the a/d (in 1bit HDLC fashion) and two dual-channel CXD-2561M for the digital to analog section.
On standard tests, the DTC-57ES had better specs, linearity and s/n ratios than its professional brother :)

Although 44,1Khz analog recording wasn't yet offered (for the consumer version), let alone Super Bit Mapping, Sony sold plenty of DTC-57ES and siblings : Digital Audio Tape in 1991 still had a bright future.

Sony DTC-57ES, image 1 Sony DTC-57ES, image 2 Sony DTC-57ES, image 3
Sony DTC-57ES specifications
Title Value
Sampling frequencies : 48Khz / 16bit linear (rec/play ; analogue or digital)
44,1Khz / 16bit linear (play ; analogue or digital)
32Khz / 16bit linear (rec digital ; play)
32Khz / 12bit non-linear (rec analogue ; play)
Error correction : Double Reed-Solomon code
Emphasis : off during recording
automatic switching at playback
Frequency response : 2Hz...22Khz (± 0,5dB)
Dynamic range : > 92dB (emphasis OFF)
S/N ratio : > 92dB (emphasis OFF)
THD : < 0,0045% (1Khz, emphasis OFF)
Analogue inputs : 77,5mV...245mV / 50kOhm
Digital inputs : 0,5V p-P / 75 Ohm coaxial
optical TOS
Analogue outputs : 245mV...2V / 470 Ohm (= -10dB...8,2dB, for > 10 Ohm load)
28mV / 150 Ohm (headphones, for 32 Ohm load)
Digital outputs : 0,5V p-P / 75 Ohm coaxial
optical TOS
PC : 24W
Dimensions : 47 x 12,5 x 35cm
Weight : 8,2kg.
Remote : RM-D57A/D (champagne)
RM-D57A (black)
List price : 88,000¥
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