Sony CDP-X779ES

Sony CDP-777ESA

October   1 9 9 1 october 1991
1 9 9 2 1992

Part of Sony's world bestsellers, though selling not as much as the previous CDP-X777ES but, previsibly, more than the ultimate CDP-X707ES.

GIC analogue LPF, FET-powered RCA analog outputs, Sapphire bearing and BSL motor, copper-plated chassis, multiple structural reinforcements and triple-plates, Advanced PULSE digital-to-analogue converters, tightly implemented servos and signal paths, acoustically sealed tray (very efficient), TOS+coaxial digital outputs, XLR balanced analog outputs, motorized ALPS headphones pot (which also acts as variable analogue output) etc.

The drive is equivalent to that of the CDP-R3 : "G" base (Gibraltar) and "G" tray.

The build quality is second to none, really - no other japanese manufacturer ever came close to such kind of finish, mechanical integrity and luxurious feel of use.

Same basic structure as the CDP-X777ES with only the audio board changing, the Twin-Core transformer replacing the two dedicated audio/digital trafos and the drive system with more "G" material and less aluminium.
Also a switch was added to turn on/off the balanced output ; the switch to turn on/off the digital output is on the front panel, as it was on the previous CDP-X7ESD, CDP-X77ES, CDP-X777ES and would be on the ultimate CDP-X707ES.

The digital filter is a CXD-2560M ; the eight digital to analogue chips are CXD-2562Q ; op'amps are NE5532P ; the laser block a KSS-272A, the latter being used on all players of the series (X779ES, X559ES, X339ES) and quite a few others.

Available as CDP-X779ES worldwide and as CDP-777ESA in Japan ; the X779ES in black with matte square sideburns or gold with shiny rounded sideburns, the 555ESA with rounded sideburns whether the player was black or champagne.

I think if I hadn't been so lucky finding two new-old-stock X777ES, it is the CDP-X779ES I would have scouted for - the upgrade is easily audible when stepping from the X777 to the X779.
But who cares : SACD is now king and the SCD-1 would flatten them both out, right ?

Sony CDP-X779ES, image 1 Sony CDP-X779ES, image 2 Sony CDP-X779ES, image 3
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