Sony CDP-R3

1 9 8 9 1989
1 9 9 3 1993

Launched in 1989 alongwith the CDP-R1a and DAS-R1a , doing away with Philips' TDA1541A S1 ICs of the DAS-R1 and replacing everything with in-house Sony : 1-Bit PULSE d/a converters, SENS noise-shaping and 45-bit digital filters.

As in the CDP-R1a, the mechanism was revised to seal the spinning CD and have the tray itself be even more immune to vibrations : enter more "G" (Gibraltar) material, exit the BU-1 aluminium base.

As you can see below, the CDP-R3 isn't an R1a with an added d/a section as the drive and power supply remain different but the transformer is the same resin-potted Twin Core.

Unlike the R1a combo, the R3 integrated was meant to be sold only in Japan, even if a couple of units with native 120V (USA) and 220V (EU) found their way outside their homeland, probably as one-time Sony demos. The total production run was set at 2500 units.

Although used in quite a few contemporary players (Sony's, Denon's and Teac's - and others), the KSS-151A laser is nowadays, previsibly, not available anymore. And no laser = no player.

Extensively detailed views and descriptions can be found here - read them all and thoroughly !

Sony CDP-R3, image 1 Sony CDP-R3, image 2 Sony CDP-R3, image 3
Sony CDP-R3 specifications
Title Value
Frequency response : 2Hz...20Khz (± 0,5dB)
S/N ratio : 117dB (EIAJ)
Dynamic range : 100dB (EIAJ)
Stereo separation : 110dB (EIAJ)
THD : 0,002 (EIAJ)
Analogue outputs : 2,5V / 50kOhm (unbalanced)
5V / 600 Ohm (balanced)
Digital outputs : 0,5V p-p / 75 Ohm (coaxial)
-18dB / 660nm (optical TOS)
PC : 17W
Dimensions : 47 x 12,5 x 41cm
Weight : 18kg.
Remote : RM-R1a
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