Sony CDP-5000

Sony CDP-5000S

Sony CDA-5000

1 9 8 2 1982
1 9 8 5 1985

While several other brands had players like the CDP-5000 at the time, taking on the "console" look of the pro LP or RtR machines of the 70s, the Sony was the very first CD player available to the (rich) public, in its CDP-5000 + CDA-5000 guise.

Philips introduced the tentative LHH0502 in 1983, Denon and JVC/Victor quickly followed and, very briefly (ie. in near-Invisibilia), Kenwood.

Available at first (but shortly) with the CDA-5000 "Compact Disc Analyzer" unit : a 1 meter-tall computer with a monochrome display, meant to access servicing data, key-chaining units and look damn' futuristic :-)

The CDP-5000S (shown here), still tagged "CDP-5000"...) had 16-bit Dual-DACs, 13,3ms locking/programming accuracy and 52kg on the balance. Yes : fifty-two !

It may seem like an old thingy but it isn't : the 5000 and 5000S used Sony's first Fixed Pickup Mechanism !
A system reintroduced in 1994 with much marketing efforts (and raving reviews) in CD players such as the CDP-R10, CDP-XA7ES, CDP-MS1 or CDP-X5000.
What do you do when you've made a full circle ? Start all over again : at step 1982.

This, however, had a 1980 reason and first attempt, in LP development which was not put into production as the format was clearly on its way out (mass-marketing-wise).

So what may seem incoherent, was in fact quite coherent : it was useless to introduce such a system for a waning format nor was it possible to mass-market all kinds of CD players in hope of success with such a bulky and expensive system - exit early FPM.

The CDP-5000S was fairly quickly replaced by the (much smaller) CDP-3000 and CDS-3000 professional combo (player + bi-directional remote) when Philips introduced the monster LHH2000.

May, 2010 : I have finally located a worthwhile and detailed review showing "nudies" of the CDP-5000, for both the electronics and drive parts ! Expect the update soon.

Sony CDP-5000, image 1 Sony CDP-5000, image 2 Sony CDP-5000, image 3
Sony CDP-5000 specifications
Title Value
Quantization : 16bit linear
Sampling : 44.1Khz
Error Correction : CIRC
Modulation : EFM
Frequency response : 20Hz...20Khz (+0,5 / -1dB)
Output level : +19dBm
Dynamic : 94dB
THD : 0,01%
Wow & flutter : nada
Access time : 2s.
Cue : 13,3ms (one frame)
Remaining time display : ± 1s.
Monitor output : 100mW (max.)
Output : XLR balanced
Speaker output level : 1W (stereo)
Terminal monitor : BNC
Headphones : 8...10 Ohm
Operational temp. : 5°C...35°C
PC : 130W (550W is quoted on the back of export units...)
Dimensions : 50 x 88,3 x 56,5cm
Weight : 52kg
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