Sony APM-66ESG

1 9 8 6 1986

Export-only and later version of the APM-66ES with puzzling cone and aluminium dome for the mid and high drivers, this corresponds to the "Type 2" in the service 1986 manual.

Also a bass-reflex !
The original japanese APM-66ES (black) had its b-r port vertical next to the mid driver, the USA equivalent (wood) had it there too, the EU equivalent (black or wood) was a sealed design... and this ESG version brings its b-r port back where it was on all original APMs : under the woofer !

The woofer however is very different than that of the APM-77 : there is only one motor, linked to the flat diaphragm with eight damped tubular sticks. So the 66ES is a halfway between the more conventional Technics honeycombs and the real APMs. All diecast frames nevertheless.

It also adds two front pots, which the previous EU APM-66ES models didn't have (but the USA did). And the enclosure isn't as tall, is less wide and less deep.

Some marketing exec's really wander around, sometimes. Engineers, too.

Sony APM-66ESG, image 1 Sony APM-66ESG, image 2
Sony APM-66ESG specifications
Title Value
Type : 3-way bass-reflex
Drivers : 1x APM bass (424cm2)
1x 10cm cone (mids)
1x 2,5cm dome (highs)
Volume : 56l
89dB /1W /1m
5W /96dB /1m (DIN 45500)
Frequency response : 35Hz...30Khz (DIN)
Crossovers : 500Hz
Power handling : 100W (nominal, DIN 45500)
200W (maximum, DIN 45500)
Dimensions : 51,5 x 29 x 32cm
Weight : 25kg.
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