Sony APM-66ES

1 9 8 5 1985
1 9 8 8 1988

Available in quite a few versions, depending on the market, the APM-66ES was the last "real" APM before the tiny boxes took over.

The woofer, however, is very different than that of the APM-77 : there is only one motor, linked to the flat diaphragm with eight damped tubular sticks. So the 66ES is a halfway between the more conventional Technics honeycombs and the original APMs - all diecast frames nevertheless.

Like the APM-77 or APM-4, the 66ES also was a bass-reflex... depending on market : the original japanese APM-66ES (black) had its b-r port vertical next to the mid driver, the USA equivalent (wood) had it there too while the european equivalent (black or wood) was a sealed design !

The japanese and USA versions have two front pots, which the european APM-66ES doesn't have. And, even more puzzling, there was an APM-66ESG version.

The export APM-66ES (whatever the version) was available either with wood veneer (rare) or black (common).

The b/r version corresponds to the "Type 1" in the 1986 manual.
The bass surrounds were of (poly)urethane until serial numbers #302 600 (CA, AEP, UK and E models) and #800 440 (USA) ; later numbers used synthetic rubber.

More APM images and specs here and here.

Sony APM-66ES, image 1 Sony APM-66ES, image 2 Sony APM-66ES, image 3
Sony APM-66ES specifications
Title Value
APM-66ES (bass-reflex version)
Type : 3-way all-APM drivers
Bass : 424cm2
Mid : 48cm2
High : 9cm2
Power handling : 100W (nominal ; DIN 45500)
200W (maximum ; DIN 45500)
Nominal impedance : 6 Ohm
Frequency response : 30Hz...30Khz
Sensitivity : 89dB /1W /1m
5W /96dB /1m (DIN 45500)
Volume : 56l
Dimensions : 66 x 38 x 36,5cm
Weight : 26kg.
Optional : WS-660 stand
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