Sony APM-22ES


October   1 9 8 4 october 1984
1 9 8 5 1985
1 9 8 9 1989

Available in two versions only (for once even the USA model was directly equivalent to the original japanese) and an HiFi Choice Best Buy in the UK (for once the brit-ish critics weren't snob-ish).

The 1984 APM-22ES is the original (shown here), the 1985 APM-22ESAV ('AV' for audio/video) uses the same drivers but is slightly less wide and has the drivers capped with a ferrite plug to avoid ruining the beautiful Trinitrons placed between them. It also gained 1dB in SPL and 6000¥ to pay for the ferrite plugs :)
The UK model doesn't have the high level trim pot.

The original APM-22ES was also available in black (APM-22ESB) ; the AV only was black - 1985 oblige. Also available later on, in Europe and Australia, in 1987, briefly, in all-black with a big-magnet dome tweeter and the APM-22ES MKII denomination.

In Sony tradition, there are three completely different versions of the filter, two of which make the 22ES sound only so-so, the other perfect... If yours doesn't make fast, loud but very clean music, look at the filter and mod'.

Sony APM-22ES, image 1 Sony APM-22ES, image 2 Sony APM-22ES, image 3
Sony APM-22ES specifications
Title Value
Bass/mid driver : 290cm2 APM
Treble driver : 16cm2 APM
Crossover : 1,3Khz
Impedance : 6 Ohm
Max. power : 120W
SPL : 90dB / W / m (22ES)
91dB / W / m (22ESAV)
Response : 38Hz...30Khz
Dimensions : 31 x 51,5 x 31cm (22ES)
29 x 51,5 x 32cm (22ESAV)
Weight : 15kg (22ES)
16kg (22ESAV)
Optional stands : WS-220
List price : 39,000¥ (22ES)
45,000¥ (22ESAV)
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