Sony 88

1 9 6 7 1967
1 9 7 5 1975

Part of the all-time Sony design gems and well-remembered stereo separates :

Small sized, terribly good-looking, not that bad sounding, lightweight and - successful : Sony sold many TA-88 and ST-80F and ST-88 worldwide.

TA-88 : amplifier
ST-88 : am/fm tuner
SS-5088 : 'speakers
SQA-100 : Surround-sound adapter

The SQA-100 surround-sound adapter is a bit more rare (but directly made to fit these original '88s) ; the SS-5088 two-way loudspeakers are more of the invisibilia kind and were available only in select markets.

None of these represent full-size high-fidelity, nor sonic powerhouses, of course, but their imprint on small-size audio design was big enough to launch a continuous series of "me-too" products from other brands throughout the 1970s.
Even the (sadly unproduced) Hitachi, Victor and Kenwood 1980/81 equivalent systems did clearly bear the mark of Sony's little late 1960s icons.

Pity the current crop of mini systems can't replicate the solid simplicity of the 88s.

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