Scott Stereomaster 637S

1 9 7 0 1970
1 9 7 4 1974

From just before the time of the first change of owner (1973) and thirteen years before the final vanishing under the Emerson ownership which is still on today.

Still with Daniel von Recklinghausen, too, before he went over to KLH but already with the SYMA International distribution / manufacturing / modding system in most of Europe which is probably what catalyzed the first change of ownership and put it in... Europe.

Scott probably got dead dry after all the resources spent on digital FM reception as put into the 1970 Stereomaster 433S and the well-remembered T33S tuner, both engineered by Klaus Peter.

Far from those high-endish and costly sci-fi units, the Stereomaster 637S is a powerful receiver with very nicely designed looks mixing light aluminium anodization (front, top and inner sides) and "european style" plexiglas for the back top and outer sides - very effective and very well executed, too.

FET + Baxendall tone controls, concentric L/R tone controls, continuously variable loudness, "Tension Wrap" soldering to avoif cold solder problems, "Perfectune" system, FET-charged 4-gang front end tuner section, IC-based MPX filter and regulated power-supplies.

And a large backlit dial which goes dark when the tuner section isn't used.

And really great looks and a shiny, slightly edgy, finish which is much better than on the catalog photographs.

Scott Stereomaster 637S, image 1 Scott Stereomaster 637S, image 2
Scott Stereomaster 637S specifications
Title Value
Output power : 2x 30W (8 Ohm, continuous)
2x 60W (8 Ohm, peak, IHF)
THD : 0,5%
IMD : 0,5%
Frequency response : 20Hz...20Khz (IHF, rated power)
Damping factor : 20 (8 Ohm)
S/N ratio : 60dB (phono)
75dB (extra & tape)
Phono input : 2,5mV
"Extra" input : 0,5V
AM section AM section
Sensibility : 180µV / m
Selectivity : 30dB (± 10Khz)
Frequency response : 6Khz (6dB)
THD : 2% max @ 60% modulation
Image rejection : 45dB minimum
FM section FM section
Sensibility : 1,9µV
Selectivity : 40dB (400Khz)
S/N ratio : 65dB
THD : 0,8%
Capture ratio : 2,5dB
Pilot suppression : 50dB (19Khz)
75dB (387Khz)
AM rejection : 50dB
Channel separation : 35dB (1Khz)
General General
PC : 165W
Dimensions : 43,5 x 11,7 x 26,5cm
Weight : ?
List price : 2595FF (1972)
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