Sansui Model 250

1 9 6 5 c.1965

Cute little stereo receiver with more tubes than your fingers (all of them) and 2x 8W power output, along somewhat modest specifications.

But : silicon diodes in the rectifying circuit, "new type" silicon transistor phono head amp, center channel output jack, loudness switch, super wide-band output transformers, MPX circuit and a tape monitoring circuit.

Also Peter, Paul and Mary singing in concert - providing one has the optional reel-to-reel tape player.

Can't have everything : fifteen tubes, twelve transistors, Peter, Paul and Mary in concert for so little money.

Given its vintage, the Model 250 was probably named SAX-xxx in Japan, as per Sansui 1950s and 1960s names. I haven't found an equivalent japanese model so far.

Sansui Model 250, image 1 Sansui Model 250, image 2
Sansui Model 250 specifications
Title Value
AUDIO section AUDIO section
Power output : 22W total (IHFM)
2x 10W (RMS power)
2x 8W (RMS, both channels driven)
THD : 1,5%
Power bandwidth : 35Hz...15Khz (IHFM)
Frequency response : 30Hz...20Khz (± 2dB)
Channel separation : 40dB @ 1Khz (phono)
50dB @ 1Khz (aux)
Hum & noise : 65dB under rated output (IHFM, phono)
70dB under rated output (IHFM, aux)
Output impedance : 8 and 16 Ohm
Input sensitivity : 3mV for rated outut (phono)
150mV for rated output (aux)
660mV (tape monitor)
EQ characteristic : RIAA
Bass control : ± 10dB at 50Hz
Treble control : ± 10dB at 10Khz
Loudness control : +8dB @ 50Hz (vol. at -30dB)
+8dB @ 10Khz (vol. at -30dB)
Noise filter : -10dB @ 10Khz
FM section FM section
Sensitivity : 4,0µV (IHFM)
2,5µV (IHFM, for 20dB quieting)
FM frequency response : 40Hz...20Khz (± 2dB)
FM stereo frequency response : 35Hz...15Khz (± 2,5dB)
IF selectivity : 200MHz (-3dB)
THD : < 1,5%
FM channel separation : 35dB at 1Khz
AM section AM section
Sensitivity : 30µV (IHFM)
IF selectivity : 8Khz
IF frequency : 455Khz
General General
Tubes : 4x 6BM8
3x 6AQ8
1x 6BE6
3x 6BA6
1x 6BL8
2x 6BN8
1x 12AX7
1x 6GE-12A
Transistors : 2x 2SC402 (2SC650)
Diodes : 2x SE-05.a
1x SE-05-03
Germanium diodes : 5x 0A91
PC : 115VA
Weight : 29,1lbs
Cubic measure : 1,9cft
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