Sansui G-33000

Sansui G-22000

October   1 9 7 8 october 1978
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If japanese "monster receivers" make for a more north-american passion (and all designed as export-only items), they remain quite impressive nevertheless, especially when considering the biggest and (perhaps) best of all of them : the G-33000.

If the 33000 and 22000 remain somewhat overshadowed by the better remembered "big guns", it probably is because they sold poorly due to their crazy price of 1900$ (!) and came a tad too late within the very rapidly changing market of 1979.
The Marantz Model 2500, Yamaha CR-2020 or Pioneer SX-1250 / SX-1280 benefited from the still expanding hi-fi market of 1976-1978, the Sansuis, like the Pioneer SX-1980, or the Yamaha CR-3020, didn't.

Too late for Sansui to catch the remaining part of the 1970s "no-limits" niche and too late for Sansui who had passed its sales and visibility peak of 1975/1976.

The End.

Sansui G-33000, image 1 Sansui G-33000, image 2
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