Rotel RZ-8

Rotel the PLAY MIXER

1 9 7 8 february 1978
1 9 8 0 1980

Extra-mega-ultra-rare non-audiophile complement to the RC-5000 and RB-5000 duet.

Non-audiophile because the RZ-8 is a 3-channel mic/line/phono/guitar mixer, equalizer, echo provider and ryhtm-box all-in-one !

The rythm part has ten presets (waltz, march, tango, rock, bossa-nova etc) with three variations available, plus tempo, level, bass/treble eq, L/R panning plus footswitch start.

The line/phono mixing is more common (almost) with L / C / R panning, impedance switches, echo level and L / C / R / LCR panning, line 1/2 + phono 1/2 inputs levels and faders ending on both a master output / summing circuit and 5-way input headphones output.

If the chassis is all-metal and heavy, inside is more of an empty box despite the displayed possibilities - more of a travelling musician item than a plush audio component.
But Rotel in Japan did publish a lavish dedicated catalog so it must have believed in its potential - unlike for the RB-5000 & RC-5000 which were barely advertised for...

Rotel RZ-8, image 1 Rotel RZ-8, image 2
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