Rotel RA-1412

October   1 9 7 6 october 1976
1 9 7 8 1978

A very discreet brand throught the 1970s and most of the 1980s, ROTEL, however, served as OEM manufacturing facility for a few other brands throughout same period.
Not in proportion of Micro Seiki, Sanyo or Corea's Tatung but some came from Rotel, like the english LEAK for one (thank you Richard for this plug !).

Inaugurating a new look and high-end lineup in 1976/77, Rotel made the oversized RA-1412, the overoversized RX-1603 receiver, then produced in very small quantities the overoveroversized RB-5000 & RC-5000 combo - all leaving very little marks on a then still expanding market.
However, these were on par and sometimes "above" the bestilling Pioneers, Sonys or Technics'.

3-stage DC-coupled, 1-stage Class A SEPP phono eq (with trim switches), full DC 2-stage differential, 3-stage parallel p-p OCL complementary amp with 2x 110W (20Hz...20Khz), completely independent left and right power supplies with two power transformers, four 22,000µF power caps - enough to shake your ear lobes with quality audio sound and those of your neighbours, too.

Tone controls are 3-stage DC SEPP amps, dubbing and monitoring switches, terminals for three pairs of loudspeakers, input and output terminals located to the left side, the power amp section at the back and the loudspeaker terminal to the right side.

The only not completely à propos feature is the MIC input and its mixing pot...

Rotel RA-1412, image 1 Rotel RA-1412, image 2 Rotel RA-1412, image 3
Rotel RA-1412 specifications
Title Value
Power output : 2x 110W (RMS, minimum, 20Hz...20Khz, both channels driven, rated THD)
THD : 0,1% (rated output, rated power bandwidth)
IMD : 0,03% (1Khz / -1dB, rated output)
Frequency response : 3Hz...100Khz (main IN, ±3dB, 1W per channel, 8 Ohm, both channels driven)
Damping factor : 80 (±10%)
Power bandwidth : 5Hz...40Khz
Phono overload : > 300mV
Phono RIAA : ± 0,2dB
Phono S/N ratio : > 75dB (IHF-A, closed circuit)
Phono input : 2 - 4 - 8mV / 25 - 50 - 100kOhm
Lines S/N ratio : > 95dB
Lines input : 150mV / 50kOhm
Outputs : 350mV / 3,3kOhm (record out RCA, 5mV input)
120mV / 90kOhm (record out DIN, 5mV input)
Bass control : ± 10dB at 100Hz
Trable control : ± 10dB at 10Khz
Loudness : + 10dB / + 3dB (100Hz / 10Khz, position 1)
+ 20dB / + 6dB (100Hz / 10Khz, position 2)
High filter : 12dB/octave above 8Khz
12dB/octave above 12Khz
Low filter : 12dB/octave below 30Hz
Subsonic filter : 12dB/octave below 15Hz
Muting : -20dB
Dimensions : 54 x 18 x 43,4cm
Weight : 22kg.
Listprice : 159,000¥
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